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  1. 16 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

    Then apologize to Gordo for giving him a one-star rating.

    There is no need for you to step in like a parent.  We're adults and can work it out as such.  Thanks.

  2. Justin Turner Cyberface

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    Appreciate your trying to take on cyberfaces.  I tried at one time but couldn't get the hang of it, though may look into it again.  


    I think you have to ask yourself a couple of things:  why try to update an existing cyberface, like this one of Justin Turner, when it still largely emulates the look of the player.


    Also, if you do do an update, you gotta ask yourself before releasing it, does this look better than the one we already have and does it look like the player currently at all.  This one seems a bit generic vs. your Dansby Swanson one that seems to capture some features of him.


    Just my 2c

  3. Thanks for the contribution.  I think the main problem with the roster, especially in regards to pitchers, is that there is not enough of a difference between pitch types in a given pitcher, and between the pitchers themselves.  Most all of your pitchers and their pitch types have control in the 50's and 60's, meaning all of these pitchers have pitch types that are all close to each other.  Most pitchers, even MLB pitchers have 1 or 2 good pitches.  Typically their 3rd and 4th pitches are not strong for them.   Plus curve balls are going to be harder to throw than fastballs, by and large.


    Just my 2c.

  4. I'm working on it.  I'm not sure what's making it freeze at this point.  I may have to resort to plan B which may take a day or so.


    Also, you guys who are asking questions in the review area aren't asking questions in the correct area. Responses can't be done there.


    Addendum:  it's definitely the new All Star teams that gummed up the works.  No idea why as I didn't do anything different from a couple of years ago and it couldn't be the FA pool since I brought them down to 1 player.  Something internal that I can't control is creating the problem, so the only thing that will have to happen is reverting back to the old All-Star teams....not much else I can do.

  5. It might be the free agents.  If too full, it can be touchy.... let me re-check.


    Addendum:  the problem was possibly from the All-Star teams being added.  This is why I really don't like making these teams.  I forgot to "hide" the players so that they don't show up in the FA pool (but they still count against that number, in other words, 50 of the FA slots are taken up by the 2 All-Star teams).  But even with experimenting the FA pool and limiting it to 1 player, I'm still getting a freeze also, which makes no sense.  I'm going to have to look at no MiLB teams keeping 25 players any longer.  I'm really not sure what happened along the way.

  6. On 7/30/2019 at 11:39 AM, Ctmetsfan said:

    I am new to this.  Is this roster file only for the PC version?  Is there an xbox version as well?


    Technically you can use these with an Xbox if you know how to install them to a modded console.  If you need support, look in the threads or create one.


    On 7/30/2019 at 9:07 PM, thebiggabriel said:

    Do I need a special MVP Mod for this? I am doing all your instructions, with a MVP CLEAN Version and it crashes before start the game 


    There are many threads about this.  Please search.

  7. News Portraits

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    7z file is not unzipping.  Changed extension to ".rar"; still did not unzip.   


    This may need to be re-uploaded as a .rar or .zip.


    addendum:  I was able to download and unzip on a different computer; probably had an older version of 7z on the initial computer.

  8. For anyone having trouble installing, the problem is either the sub-folders are not consistent or because the 7zip got corrupted.  


    Unzip the file to a pre-named folder on your desktop.


    Make sure that either all of the files go into that pre-named folder OR all of the sub-folders named after the players go into the pre-named folder.  Make sure their aren't multiple levels of a given player's sub-folder (which this original zip contains).


    Zip to a common "zip" file.  Install with TiT.

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