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  1. very good...have a great 4th of july
  2. solid jerfer and Jed as always...u guys just keep rolling
  3. great job fellas...thanz for keeping MVP alive
  4. how long r u guys doing this project?
  5. Amazing is really all i gotta say
  6. oh yeah we got rosters!! thanx kyleb
  7. mvp baseball time i got some updating to do...rising son is a beast i swear...just amazing
  8. what number is degrom?? i have generic..using daflys most recent roster
  9. and i did just that...i have daflys lastest roster..but i gotta get the right faces with his roster...working on it shouldnt of asked
  10. hey guys been away for awhile had PC problems lost all my stuff...was wondering if someone can make a cyberface pack of all the faces..i know homer released something but it would really help me out if we get 1 more facepack...sorry yankeee4life if this is not a cool request..
  11. Okay i know this doesnt go here but i see color half sleeves...how do i get them in my gm?? Maybe prv msg me thanx...awesome beard LOL
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