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    Dippin my bald head in oil and rubbing it all over Nikki Alexander's Body..mmmm...Hoopz...
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    See Readme File for Info/Instructions. Thanks to Umachines, thespungo, kccitystar & onewaydown(for creating those templates), and anybody else who thought I left them out. Check out the forums for more screenies. More to come. ************************************** UPDATE: Please make note if you download, there is a problem with the numbers on this download, they will NOT have their correct assigned number, im workin on fixin this ASAP, Just wanted to caution anyone downloading this of this error. Thanks Dunit, Mav and others for tipping me on this, sorry for the trouble. FullMetal
  2. Carlos Lee got Traded this week...and the world didnt end..sky didnt fall either, true brewer fans will understand in the end its all about money and what can you do for me? After all, we did get a solid all-star closer in Codero and a couple extra bodies...they may not equal out what Carlos did for the team but they are under .500 with Lee...they couldnt do any worse. Really. Shoes are freakin hard to make for mvp2005...a lotta times its because I cant find a decent back shot of a shoe and have to make one..that blows. Ironically I got a chance to Carlos Lee in action before he was traded, I was at the Brewers Pirates game, took a few pics, watch the bullpen give the game away, and thought to myself.."they're not gonna keep him(Lee) How do you pay him $13-15million when you dont even have a bullpen? I dont make Unis/Accessories for "accuracy" or "purists" I just have fun with it all..If you like it and have fun, then my job is done.
  3. Went fishing Saturday...gotta lotta grief, very few fish but just enjoyed being out of the city for a while. The Mizuno Gloevs I made was my first contribution to MVP2005/MVPMods. It feels good as always to make something others can enjoy, and I hope all of you do. Derrick Turnbow is on my sig looking very Miserable. Why? It was was taken after (guess what?) A Blown Save. Comes out his first game after all star and Blows another. Dammit Man. After doing some Uni-Modding first hand, and trying out cyberfaces, I can appreciate the work guys like Jogar84 KCCitystar, Big Shmooz, and the spungo do. All you should try that once. You'll see the crap they go thru just to bring a lil joy to us baseball fans. The Search works. And bein polite goes a long way. You'd be amazed at what "Please" and "Thank You" can still get you. Try it sometime.
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