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  1. I just re-installed mvp2005 and than installed the mvp12 mod, my question is how do I edit the roster using mvpedit? need complete walk thru.
  2. I uninstalled AVG from my desktop and installed Avast5. MLB2K10 Roster Editor now works on my desktop. No matter what I do it will not work on my laptop with AVG v9.0 but will work on an older laptop with AVG v8.0. Has to be something in v9.0 and newer.
  3. I couldn't figure it out so I talked to a repair guy would can help me. Over at another site, "MLB Mods", there is the same topic starting to pop up.
  4. this may sound stupid, but how do I do that?
  5. Need to know if anybody else is having the same problem I'm having? In the last couple of days I can't use the roster editor for either mlb2k9 or mlb2k10 because I keep getting an "Trojan horse Agent2. ASXG infection and when I run virus scan all roster editor setup.exe is removed from my computer even the full mlb2k9 version i purchased last year. Anybody have any ideas. Please help.
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