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  1. I think you will all appreciate this piece of MacGuvyering around. For some reason when I ran the .exe as administrator, it would load the game as MVP 05, not MVP 15, but had all the new rosters from your latest end of April roster file. So i saved the roster and launched MVP 15 and now can load the roster but unfortunately the base roster is still stuck in end of 2014. Close enough I guess lol
  2. Thanks for the quick reply guys. I have read and followed the steps, deleting the 19 .dat files (leaving the 3 BIG files and the one csv file). Then I unzipped all the files from the folder I downloaded from this post. I'm currently running MVP 15 and running on Windows 8.1. The game launches fine but it's as if I didn't do anything to the config since I still have the old rosters (Arrieta on Cubs). That's why I was asking if there were any steps after words because it seems like it's not taking. I appreciate all that you do on here!
  3. Are there any steps after unzipping those files? The new rosters aren't loading..
  4. The same happens with my Xbox 360 controller as well. I was wondering if there were more control options beside offense and defense All the other controls work perfectly
  5. I was wondering if there was more control options, when ever I try to use square on my ps4 controller when i am pitching, It brings up the menu and i can't use that pitch, any solution to this, anyone else have this happen to them? other than that the game has been great!! just started yesterday
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