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  1. When a fee for all members of this site had first been discussed many months ago, I didn't like the idea at all. Mods should be available for everyone, not just for those who can afford it. However, since then the world has changed. In times of economic crisis, I'd rather have a subscription fee than seeing this place being forced to shut down.
  2. What a wonderful story! That's what sportsmanship is all about. Who cares about winning or losing? There are things greater in life than some numbers on a scoreboard.
  3. No. Despite MVP 2004 being similar to the 05 version, there are many differences.
  4. In that case you would've loved MVP Baseball 2004. :D
  5. Good to see this dynasty is still alive, rick. Although most people on this site seem to be jumping on the "next-gen" bandwagon these days, I would really love to see this thread continue as a classic MVP dynasty.
  6. Your strikeout numbers this year are very impressive. Did you change anything in your pitching approach or in the options menu?
  7. Great effort by Carmona to stop your winning streak. Also, Teixeira seems to be struggling a bit. Are you planning to keep him in the No. 3 spot?
  8. How about that David Pauley?! Ten strikeouts over six innings in his last start, a 2-0 record and a 1.35 ERA to top things off. The kid must be throwing some nasty stuff.
  9. Adding videos was a nice idea. Keep up the good work!
  10. Good to see your team back on track, rick. Looks like Teixeira is starting to heat up.
  11. Good to see you back doing your thing, rick. I wouldn't actually call the Angels' 0-3 record "a perfect start to the season", though. ;)
  12. Just a quick update: I fixed all the links in the guide and added information on modding uniforms and stadiums. Since I've never modded uniforms or stadiums myself, there might be mistakes in my description. So, if I got something wrong, please tell me and I'll correct it. Enjoy!
  13. xiberger

    Site Issues

    I don't like the minimized image function. Instead of just looking at an image, it now takes at least one extra click to do so. Is there a way to let the users decide if they want to have that function or not?
  14. xiberger

    Site Issues

    Lookin' good, Trues. It might take some time to get adjusted to the new site, but it's obvious that it's a huge improvement.
  15. Ruddy Lugo as the Mariners opening starter? This guy obviously couldn't stand the pressure. Ten walks over six innings are a no-no in the majors. ;-)
  16. Bravo, Rick! I hope you win the World Series next year.
  17. That was a tough one, but Smoltzie and Soriano held on. The only thing that can keep the Braves from winning the title is your Red Sox making another historic comeback. ;-)
  18. What a great comeback! Winning four games in a row when facing elimination, now that's clutch! You must have nerves made of steel, Rick. I wasn't so lucky. After losing Game 7 of the NLCS in my previous dynasty, I almost threw my gamepad out of the window. :wall: Good luck for the World Series, but I think the Braves will come out on top. ;-)
  19. You're absolutely right, Homer. I will start adding uniforms and stadiums soon.
  20. Wow, I' speechless. Thank you, Trues, for making this thread front page material. :hail:
  21. Keep fighting, Rick! It ain't over till it's over... :-)
  22. Said and done. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Homer.
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