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  1. You're gonna have a hard time finding help here for the NHL series. I'd recommend wasserlasser.com or splinterice.com
  2. There are sometimes games that will let you control certain physics based things with sliders, player speeds, etc and those can be seen as universal and I believe you can argue they should be at a specific setting. But difficulty based ones really are personal as Jim said. I know people who instantly jump to the most difficult level in any sports game which I think is mental. But that's me. I also think that maybe less than a handful of times in my life have I seen a game that actually programs different gameplay elements for each difficulty setting. 9/10 times, each difficulty setting is just a different preset combination of the sliders. People will tell you to start the sliders on this level and THEN make adjustments... I've done tests with several games and that's rarely ever the case, if ever. This is what I tell people all the time: play the game, get it to a point where it's fun without being stupidly easy and where it's challenging without being infuriatingly difficult. Keeping in mind that in a well designed game, AI will play differently from time to time and from opponent to opponent. But generally get a feel for the mechanics, if not the score.
  3. There's one for 7 dollars on Amazon.
  4. Everything looks great, nice work
  5. Like a charm. And the switch makes it super useful because I can use it for newer or older games.
  6. Logitech F710. It's wireless and has the switch for D-input or X-input. But it doesn't work well unless you have Logitech Profiler installed.
  7. Question for those of you well-versed in audio video and capture applications. What's an effective way to go about capturing audio and video from my 360. It's a system that can no longer go online so uploading to any kind of stream service won't work. I don't want to film my screen. Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. I avoid all this in every sports game by only playing full-control, straight up season or franchise modes. Building fantasy teams is just of no interest to me.
  9. @Kccitystar, you should have a look at the rosters they used, because I'm still testing the one you edited for me without issues.
  10. Fantastic!! This is great!!
  11. There is no 2020 coming out tomorrow. None. Where did you read that?
  12. That's weird, what do you think that's about?
  13. Wait, I'm confused. The game still had Houston in the NL, but you' re ABLE to or NOT able to get them into the AL?
  14. If you provide me with a roster with the 2013 schedule, I'll do the test.
  15. That's asking a lot from people who just grab whichever one looks best to them and then start moving players around. Which, let's be frank, is how most of the 2K rosters have been made until now. And I know, people will say, "well that's better than the rosters you didn't even make" but I'm just illustrating a point. In short, I'm glad you're there helping bring some organisation to everything.
  16. I can tell you that at least all the ones posted here 6 months ago crashed franchise mode. Every single one. But the problem, as @Kccitystar is trying to demonstrate to people is that even if there is a roster that doesn't crash, if that roster uses player ids that are different the mess gets exponentially worse and worse.
  17. Crap... That's a shame. Which roster were you using, just curious?
  18. I'm in the middle of a 1951 season and I totally understand. I specifically wanted to learn more about the Dodgers, and about halfway through my season I've gone and referenced videos, and of course my trusty first edition of The Baseball Encyclopedia and it has been a learning experience to the point where I feel like I can almost talk fluently about a season I never could have watched. I'm actually relishing the time off of pro sports on TV to really revisit classic mods like this in several games.
  19. Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to testing out more of your work.
  20. Hey, I love this as I'm involved in pretty much every one of these communities. Only things I wanted to mention are: - in addition to the fact that the guys at Football Idiot do unreal, ridiculously dedicated, finitely meticulous work, it bears mentioning that several guys also do amazing work with very few tools to keep NFL 2K5 running, which is in my opinion a superior game. But for sure, it's harder to get running without the right gear. Over at OS, you can find a handful of people updating yearly rosters but also doing great classic team work, something missing a bit from the Football Idiot community on the level of what's available for 2K. - PES Patch is a very contentious site for many people, including myself. They are notorious for permitting the rehosting of other modders' work with no attempt to defend the original creator. They have absolutely no issues whatsoever with downloads hidden behind miles of pay links, most of which are frequently nefarious or questionable. It's about the last place many of us go for PES or FIFA content. I've lost count of how many PES modders have openly complained about that site sharing their work without permission. Unfortunately, the flip side is that it's hard to know where to go for PES and FIFA mods since two main sites moddingway and soccergaming have essentially become rather abandoned amidst stupid content management ethics garbage between members. Anyway, long story short, unless you want to expose yourself to trackers, cookie and cache miners, etc, I'd avoid it and stick to EvoWeb for PES, Soccergaming (what's left of it) for FIFA and Discord for the best communities in FIFA. - The roster work being done for NHL2K series is phenomenal over on OS. From 2K6 to 2K11, amazing work is done to keep rosters current. Even to the point of community developed editors. You'll even find one @Gordo over there knocking out impressive updates to NHL2K rosters. Unrelated... just because I think this community would find it interesting, in actual fact it is Brits that first coined the term "soccer". So, you have a little fun fact you can whip out the next time someone talks about how stupid it is that Americans call it soccer. Mind blown? In the 1800s, Brits had Association Football and Association Rugby. Like Basketball is often affectionately referred to as "hoops", Association Rugby by nickname became "rugger", and Association Football by nickname became "Assocer" and eventually just "soccer". If you get your head around the idea of affectionately adding the suffix '-er' to things, it's not as far a stretch as it first seems when you first hear "assocer". So by the 1900s, rugger became "Rugby", leaving assocer to become just 'football' because it was only really in England that anyone used the term "soccer". If everyone in Europe knows what "rugby" is and nobody has really heard the term "soccer", then it becomes football. And also because in linguistics, sometimes things just happen. Without reason. It's just what people said. So over in the US in the late 1800s people started playing what was called "Gridiron Football", a mix of Soccer and Rugby, and then eventually just "Football". So people in the US playing "Association Football" took to calling it "Soccer" to differentiate and Brits stuck with Football because they didn't like Americans taking so keenly to "Soccer". And there you have it. That should help quiet Brits who wanna snap your hand off for using the term "soccer". But if you're a Brit (or Canadian like me) and you want even more mind blowing info to send the other way? NFL Football with the rules it has today, actually isn't based on the American Gridiron Football at all, it's based on the Canadian version of Gridiron Football. After a game between university teams Harvard (US) and McGill (Canada), the Harvard team came back having played the Canadian version and liking it so much better because of the use of running with the ball, downs, forward passing, goal posts for a try (or touchdown) and tackling, that they decided it should be the way Gridiron Football should be played from then on in the US. And like "asoccer", the trend stuck.
  21. How important is to you for MiLB to have exact schedules? I don't want to speak for anyone but in my mind priority would go first to teams being accurate, and then schedules somewhere further down the pipeline if at all. I just hate to see you go to so much trouble for something only a few people may appreciate.
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