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  1. I'm a bit confused, so what needs to be done then to run these rosters? I can't just FTP them over to my XBOX? We probably shouldn't talk too much about "modding" but I am able to FTP so I can get the UDATA folder if anyone were to need it.
  2. So cool. Looking forward to trying these. If I remember correctly, on XBOX, the game was 16X9, wasn't it? Mine is modded and I just put saves on the XBOX via FTP. I'd also love the portraits.
  3. I just want to know (because it's clear that many people don't even play franchise, just exhibition games with 2K12) whether anyone has taken this very well made roster by @TheWolfof2K and run it through a season with no problems. I tried a test to cut down each team to only 25 players before starting a Franchise so that the end of Spring Training wouldn't completely destroy the lineups and rotations but that has caused my season to end up with nothing but freezing and desktop crashing. So, I'm willing to just say, screw it, the rosters won't be accurate, the CPU will just organise them itself and I'll take care of the team I play with, who cares. But I just wanted to know about other people's experiences in franchise with this. Otherwise, if people have had any luck with this franchise file by @pablo.mglez would be cool to know as well. That one crashed all the time with me doing nothing at all to it. Thanks for any feedback, guys.
  4. How's this project going for you?
  5. Well considering there haven't been that many commercial video games in the last few years, and you're not talking about The Show, you're probably either thinking of "Out Of The Park Baseball", or -- at a bit of a stretch because few people remember this game -- you may be thinking of "MLB Front Office Manager" by 2K. But I'd be shocked if there were any recent rosters for that.
  6. I was already aware of this a little but you're clearly more well versed in this than me, so don't apologise for explaining things, it helps me learn. Yes, I did notice that even if you import a Lahman db from a year the editor is capable of accepting it still leaves tons of things to edit particular to each player (skin tone, number, position, etc) I often wondered whether editing the editor itself to accept different fields might be worthwhile but I have NO idea how to do that, then I thought, couldn't one get a CSV from OOTP and import that data instead, just as you suggested. The benefit is you could choose what data to import into what fields (I'm guessing) and then you could do this every year and import not only to HH2004 but also 2002! I'm thrilled to bits. So glad someone else more capable is on this. Please keep me up to date and let me know if you need any help testing things. Thanks!
  7. Hey man. No luck whatsoever. The database can't be read by the editor that only is programmed to read up until the year 2000. I have no idea how to change the database info to make it read as if it were from the year 2000 and even if I could, the editor doesn't seem to want to recognise the files created by the Lahman database now. I have a feeling ALL the database content needs to go into Access and then you can spit our a file usable by the game with the fields and values it can read but that is a far stretch based only on my knowledge of working with multi-sheet databases. I have no idea if that's what needed to be done or not. I have a great HH2004 roster from early 2018. That would probably be easier to just use with the editor and go through the year's transactions. But I was hoping a Lahman solution was possible to import into the game saving tons of time and also being usable in HH2002 and 2003. I was just playing the game last night and, yeah, I know the graphics stink, and yeah, I know there are other games out there. But the gameplay is so solid. I feel that it's worth the effort. So, yes, any help you could give would be amazing. Thank you!!
  8. Actually I started in the editor and then started again doing it only in-game. The editor actually made it harder. All I was doing was knocking each team down to 25 men so that I could have the teams not realign themselves after Spring Training. But I did do all those moves and the crashes to the desktop happened anyway. Is there anything else other than doing changes in-game that matters? A certain number of pitchers, hitters, players on minor league affiliates, etc?
  9. I haven't. But I don't recall it ever crashing on me when the game came out. I did actually play it in 2012 when I bought it.
  10. Ok, cool, I'll have to try. The others I've tried all crash.
  11. Does anyone here remember using the Lahman database to import info to High Heat games? Anyone here who used to do that at all? I'm trying to figure out how to do the same thing today. Thanks for any help whatsoever.
  12. I had the same issue, sometimes straight up crashes to the desktop. In fact not a single roster file I've tried here for 2019 hasn't crashed on me during franchise mode.
  13. Have you tried your roster in Franchise mode?
  14. Just wanted to say, I took this roster into the editor to make every team have exactly 25 men on each MLB roster (to avoid having changes happen to my lineups after Spring Training) and the game now crashes during franchise games. Straight to the desktop, no freezing.
  15. Well, I say take your time, because I've now tested (I think) every roster on here for 2019 and they all crash mid-game when used in franchise mode.
  16. But how exactly did you update? That's what would be useful for figuring out what might have gone wrong.
  17. If you pull this off it will be tremendously useful for the 2K12 community. This would be huge. Thank you! Right now the game is such a mess with respect to cybers, player ids, etc. I guess as long as it's a logical system that is easy for future face creators to use, it should be extremely useful.
  18. I had soemthing not with cybers, just regular created faces in-game, but I made a great face for Guerrero Jr using the in-game editor and the portrait refuses to look anything like it. Don't know if that's a related thing or not.
  19. But wait.. in 2K12, teams are organised by their team name, not city name. So this shouldn't be an issue, should it?
  20. Ok, nevermind. At some point something must have happened that made the ScheduleUpdater.exe corrupted. I imagine a Windows update of some kind. It's all good now. But a good opportunity to remember that these older applications can get really screwed up by Windows updates even in older versions of Windows. Good to reinstall fresh if you have issues.
  21. I'm certain I used to run it fine, but this year, the schedule upater tool tells me I'm running the wrong version of Windows to run the program. Does anyone know what that's about or how to fix it? Maybe I have the wrong program, what's the correct one to download here? Thanks for any help, guys.
  22. Inside Edge was set up for teams in the game as released and rated each player in 2011. So, I'm wondering with people creating rosters by overwriting existing players, creating new players, doesn't inside edge just completely give false info at this point? Does it have any purpose whatsoever?
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