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  1. These are in my datafile final
  2. I used to edit the cameras in the datafile but I haven't dabbled with that in years
  3. Looks better than the default highest res though
  4. Just the resolution, plays fine except for the ball stuttering. But sometimes that dissapears.
  5. Edit the exe with hex and got 4k resolution to work with the game. If it has been done already my bad, but been away from this for a long time lol
  6. kumala

    edit exe with hex

    thanks, I downloaded them last night to take a look at them again.
  7. kumala

    edit exe with hex

    Haha! yup, finally got into this to try my datafile again. Did restall on win 10 got it running at 1080 but slight stuttering yet How you doing man?
  8. kumala

    edit exe with hex

    nevermind got it now
  9. kumala

    edit exe with hex

    How are you guys editing the exe file with hex, im getting an access denied message
  10. anyone can show me the link to download the tool to open the datafile.txt so i can combine stuff from my old datafile to the new. I lost all my tools when it crashed years back thanks
  11. Nice work kc. Yes i remember rrodkey sent me several of datafiles to test out and thats how i got to tweaking the datafiles Keep it up
  12. Found it. It was the res changer. Thanks kc
  13. anyone know where the program is to play mvp at 1080 thanks in advance
  14. kumala


    wassup guys! Maika`i installing mvp 2015 at the moment
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