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  1. Why would roster updates replace your schedule? Firstly, you could extract the schedule file from the giant EXE, but an easier way is to download the 2007 Schedule made by Hory on mvpmods.com or eamods.com
  2. 188 downloads

    Install the three files into models.big using kraw's installer thingy. Make sure that you indicate that this is an '05 type face with MVPEdit or tywiggin's MVPEditor! (in 07 mod, this was an '04 type face) - compmaniac
  3. This should be stickied. Good list if I ever want to mod uniforms!
  4. Is it possible for me to assign numbers higher than 900? Also, how do I find out what face numbers the managers are?
  5. What filename is "generic 901"? The g's in my models.big only go up to 40-something...
  6. There's more than one? I thought there was only one.
  7. Can we assign face numbers greater than 900 to players?
  8. Did kraw ever release a pack of faces that were all 2x? Because homer813 at mvpmods.com gave me a 2x cyberface of Barry Zito that was in the game, and I couldn't find a 2x face in my game, even after installing MVP 07. Thanks.
  9. Would anybody like a cyberface of a specific umpire?
  10. Do the umpires in MVP Baseball have cyberfaces? If so, are they unique, or the same one for all the umpires? If there is a cyberface, where is it stored? What file name? Thanks.
  11. 151 downloads

    This is my first attempt at a cyberface, so it doesn't look very good. Thanks to homer813 for giving me a tutorial on sideburns! Install the three files into models.big using kraw's installer thingy. - compmaniac
  12. Why can't we all just agree on one universal format, so nobody gets confused? And how about a universal list of face IDs as well?
  13. I've heard that there will be an MVP 07:MLB Patch #2 coming out soon on eamods.com
  14. So it wouldn't be useful to make an installer for cyberfaces, right? The end-user would end up changing the face ID anyway? Also, is there a list of cyberfaces that people are requesting, but haven't been done yet? Also, homer813, wouldn't it be great if somebody compiled a database of which faces' .o files have larger noses, bigger mouths, bigger ears, etc. so cyberface modders could query the database and find which face .o file is the best for a certain cyberface?
  15. OK. Thanks. Sorry, one more tiny related question. Do the cyberface IDs vary a lot usually, or typically remain the same? And shouldn't it not vary that much if there's a list of player IDs at eamods.com? Are they the same thing?
  16. OK. Thanks. Does that mean that when modders release individual cyberface downloads, sometimes you have to re-name them before importing them into your models.big?
  17. I'm sorry that I'm so stupid, but I never understood the difference between standard and plus rosters. Are the audio/portrait IDs different in correspondence to the models.big? Or something else? Thanks.
  18. 8,058 downloads

    The tool will also create a backup file of your current mvp2005.exe as mvp2005.exe.bak so if the program screws up, you can revert back to your old settings. Just run the installer and follow the simple instructions. http://mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=15410/highlight=widescreen.html ***** Tool made by tywiggins ***** (Most of the hard work was done by tywiggins) Installer assembled by compmaniac
  19. 543 downloads

    1. 8 popular softball composite bats 2. Made bat resemble a softball bat instead of baseball bat 3. All pitchers throw Ephus-style pitches at around 56 mph 4. Bigger ball to imitate softball 5. Neon-yellow-green softball 6. Renamed pitches to Ephus-1, Ephus-2, etc. 7. New 640x480 initial splash screen --------------------------------------------- The following features are still being worked on, as this is only a [Work in Progress] release: 1. Maximum offense 2. Almost no leadoff or stealing 3. Plain uniforms 4. New softball field --------------------------------------------- Brought to you by compmaniac! Run the installer and follow the instructions. IMPORTANT: YOUR CURRENT ROSTER FILES WILL BE REPLACED BY NEW ONES...SO BACK UP YOUR CURRENT ROSTERS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy! - compmaniac
  20. So is there any way to automatically modify it? (without manually having a user doing it)
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