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  1. Since Ty isnt around anymore Where could I get a copy of the editor?? for 2k10 pc.
  2. Im want to make old teams and ofcourse rate them according to the game abilities and tendencies, So in regards to fielding- how would you rate Arm strength, Fielding anticipation?? Pitching- Potential, cluch,composure? and Pitching Tendencies- "Bunt" is that how the pitcher bunts or players bunting against him? Same as Out by K's and out by ground balls? Oh and Pitch Types- "Tendency? Thanks.. Sorry Im new to this games ratings..
  3. MrGravyard

    Player Limit

    I would Like to get Ty's editor but cant find it. So, Since I have the Patch1.1 has the player editing limit gone up? I read something about 1200 Limit -True?? Thanks..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wgssorw4fo anyone Old enough to Play this game? I was 12, it as a good game for its time, kind of wish I had it now...
  5. Thanks, Well I wont be buying this years game.. Sad WHY cant there be a Game Football or Baseball that you can go and edit and have it play totaly the way YOU want it to? Gee, In football I am stuck with limited madden or Maximum football which has issues and in Baseball HH 03 or 04 which has limits and MVP which is fine except I would like to change the classic teams around and make my own league the way I see fit without spending years doing it. And a game that sims REAL... hard to believe we are in 2010 and still limites on games.. Ugh,,,,
  6. Is there a way to make old time teams? 95Braves or 71 Pirates and so on? Thanks....
  7. WOW This is GREAT!! But a Question, I have TC 9 and wonder Where I would put this file???
  8. OTBJoel, I downloaded that and opened it to HH 03 But it doesnt work. I used Wrar. WHat do I need to do right??
  9. How is this going? I know it has to be lots of work but well worth it.
  10. This is Great! Thank You all for Your Hard Work.... :hail:
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