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  1. Request

    Would anyone having the proper license for Reditor be willing to make a quick edit to my franchise files (it just involves changing the Player Types, will only take a couple minutes at most)? Made a mistake while preparing the roster and after the Draft franchise gets weird bugs and crashes.
  2. 2K12 won't load

    No problem sir, it should be obvious that fellow gamers would help each other. Glad you got your problem resolved.
  3. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    You guys just keep doing your work and don't worry about the complainers. They most likely never even put any effort into improving the game themselves, just sitting there and waiting to get others hard work served on a silver platter to bitch about some little stuff. I'm sure the majority here is very grateful for what you're doing and will patiently wait for the release.
  4. 2K12 won't load

    So the only other thing worth checking that comes to mind is removing all the files from the Saves folder (AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves) and then starting the game.
  5. MLB 2k13 Yu Darvish

    Thanks for the answer. That's too bad but oh well, not like I desperately needed it.
  6. MLB 2k13 Yu Darvish

    Is it possible to get that cyberface from 2k13? I know it's not that good but kinda like that head model.
  7. 2K12 won't load

    You have the patched version or do you change the date before starting the game (either through that program or manually)? Something like that happened to me a couple of times and I still don't know the exact reason but every time I tinkered a bit with the date and the game started normally. Maybe your issue is something different, though.
  8. You could also do that for the CPU controlled teams and that should free some amount from their respective budgets.
  9. Can't run MLB 2K12 on Windows 10

    Yeah yeah. Just mentioned the simplest, but maybe not the most efficient, solution.
  10. Can't run MLB 2K12 on Windows 10

    Or you can just simply change the date to 2012, run the game and then set it back to 2017.