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  1. This is most likely why it is crashing thanks for the advice
  2. So for the 2019 season which one should I be editing
  3. Have you updated the schedule already yourself
  4. sorry might not be able to make schedule keeps freezing on april 1st
  5. I plan on doing the 2019 schedule but was wondering if putting the A's and Mariners series from March 22 and 23 on a day before and after all-star game would work for people
  6. Ive d/l files for all star update not sure where to put files any help will be great Thanks Jeff
  7. There is a check box you need to uncheck it allows you to change names I believe it says unlock names
  8. What Photo ID`s are Poyner and Walden for the red sox if not any way you can add them please by the way nice work
  9. Just wondering what portrait ID# of Andrew Benintendi is all rosters I d/l have a generic portrait but believe he has a real photo Thanks Jeff
  10. Have no idea why it crashes for u I simmed 2 whole seasons with no issues
  11. jroh88_1969


    So I will aim and work beyond the amuatur draft? Great work by the way
  12. Thank you to all the modders and great work being done any news on the release of this great mod once again thank you guys
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