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  1. 2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus

    I used MLB 2K10 ratings to update grmrpr1313's roster. I have all of the MLB correctly done and the MiLB has accurate star potential and the top 100 prospects are updated for 2010. Various others things have been edited since my last release. Not to be full of myself, but I think these rosters are awesome. They give new life to the game because everything is slightly different.

    -Updated rosters as of 8/14/2010
    -Updated attributes according to MLB 2K10
    -Uses the latest Homer cyberfaces (Strasburg, Smoak, Chapman, Stanton, etc.) and player IDs found here
    -All-Star teams updated
    -Rookie and Sophomore teams (see screenshot)
    -All stats updated with Lahman database

    Let me know of any cyberface issues, wrong player numbers, or any other issues, as I encountered a few when looking through the roster.

    A big thanks to:
    -grmrpr1313: I used his rosters as a template
    -kg: I'm sure grmrpr1313 used your roster as a template for his
    -Homer: your cyberfaces are second to none.
    -cammel: he fixed countless player ID issues

    Please use these as a template for future roster updates.

    Obviously this mod is completely free, but it does cost money to buy things like tywiggins' MLB2K10 Roster Editor and it takes a good chunk of time, so donations are always welcome.

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  2. Alternate Away Uniforms for MLB 2K9


    This mod replaces the coolbase jersey with an alternate away uniform for most teams. This ads a little more variety to the game because 2K provided most teams with only one away uniform. Most of these alternate away uniforms are the colored tops with grey pants and have been worn by teams at least once this season.

    All of the following jerseys are now paired with grey pants in the coolbase slot:


    NYM black fix
    TB slot fix (now in BP away slot with home uni in coolbase)
    TOR black


    ARI red
    BAL black
    CHC blue
    CHW black
    COR purple
    FLA black
    KC blue
    LAA red
    MIL navy
    MIN navy
    NYM black
    OAK green
    PIT black
    SD navy
    SEA navy
    TB navy
    TEX blue

    Fixed the overly dark blue Rangers' uniform and added a red hat to the red alternate jersey.

    Coming in the next version:

    More jersey color corrections (ie Angels and Padres) and other requested changes.


    Backup your uniforms. Extract and copy all of the iff files to your MLB 2K9 directory.



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  3. hiheat32's Uniform Modding Tutorial

    This is a tutorial that Micropterus58 created from my Uniform Modding Thread. It ranges from Photoshop to importing unis in-game. Unfortunately the thread ended before kraw udated TiT, but if you want to import your unis using TiT it is pretty self explanatory. A big thanks to: Micropterus58- he put this whole PDF together KC, redsox, and all others who gave helpful tips Put any feedback in the thread


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  4. hiheat32's Concept Uniforms

    Did these back in like 2009 and they weren't able to be uploaded on this website for certain reasons, but here they are.

    -There are 1-3 realistic uniforms for each team in here.

    -These were done in 2009, so some of these uniforms have actually become the team's uniforms (thank you very much).

    -I don't have these installed anymore, but they worked with TiT back in the day so I'm assuming they work now.

    -The install slots are below. These shouldn't replace any of the team's main home, away, and alt uniforms, but they may replace some throwbacks/other concepts, so pay attention when installing.

    -Screenshots of every uniform are in the download.

    Uniform slots:

    ARI: l,m
    ATL: l,m
    BAL: l,m
    BOS: l,m
    CHC: l,m
    CIN: d,l,m
    CLE: l,m,n
    COL: l,m
    CWS: l,m
    DET: k,l,m
    FLA: m,n
    HOU: k,l,m
    KC : m,n
    LAA: l,m
    LAD: l,m
    MIL: e
    MIN: e,m
    NYM: l,m,n
    NYY: l,m
    OAK: e,m
    PHI: l,m
    PIT: l,m
    SD : l,m
    SEA: l,m
    SF : c,d
    STL: l,m
    TB : l,m
    TEX: l,m,n
    TOR: l,m
    WAS: l,m

    Enjoy and leave feedback. I unfortunately have retired from modding, so there will not be any updates on this file. Feel free to use these in any future mods, just give me a little credit por favor.


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  5. Lonestar Concept Uniforms (Rangers and Astros)

    Here are some concept unis to add a little spice to year 2500 in your dynasty. Although these are not extremely futuristic and i didnt change the the teams colors that much, if you need something different, this is the download for you. Install using fuzzones's uniedit for the best results. (it could work with the old intaller thingy, but im not sure and u will have to convert the unibig file) Thanks to: Kccitystar for the templates Thespungo for the accessories EAsports for the game sportslogos.net for the logos unclemo for the support Heres my thread: http://mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=30855.html If i missed anybody, let me know...


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