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  1. I know this is an old topic; but I'm def interested. I just purchased an OG Xbox last week and bought this game to go with it; and softmodded it over the weekend. So I def have interest in it.
  2. https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/other-baseball-games/931786-super-mega-baseball-2-available-now-xbox-gwg-au-link.html For anyone that wants to play now. Hope this isnt a violation of service. Im playing as we speak for the first time and its a very fun game.
  3. Thanks for this. This is exactly what i was looking for.
  4. Im looking for a good slider set for MVP 2005. Can anybody point me some good ones?
  5. $75 so he told the truth. It wasn't $100.
  6. I will definitely say that baserunning...along with playing the field manually has been the biggest adjustments for me. I know i have lost several games or left men on base because of baserunning. Playing the outfield has been an adjustment because i have taken wrong angles or overun balls...also depending on the fielder ratings the window is smaller for a player being in position. As for errors, i havent had a real issue with them...other that the occasional Chuck Knoblock airmail into the dugout or 1st base seats lol.
  7. This year is my first year ever playing The Show series and i have to say...the game is flat out awesome. Since i have no other Show games to compare it to, it makes it easier for me to love what it has to offer whereas someone who has been playing the series for a while may think its gone stale or whatever. Im having a VERY realistic season so far as the Braves because i sit at 13-30. My offensive numbers are putrid and my pitching staff is very inco sistant outside of Julio Teheran. I just fired Fredi Gonzalez lol. All in all im loving it. If onpy they had a PC version...man!!!
  8. So glad this thread is still available. Im currently trying to set up my config for my xbox one controllers. Ive looked at the configs in this thread and have one question...does it make a difference that my controller is showing 11 buttons and 6 axis? All the configs that are showing to work are 10 and 5 respectively...and per instructions we are told not to change those numbers because thats how our pc/laptop reads our particular controllers. Just wonder where the extra button/axis is coming from seeing how the xbox one and xbox 360 controller is basically the same layout.
  9. Those bluevand white cleats are so sweet it makes me wanna go buy a pair and wear with my regular clothes lol.
  10. Just signed up on this site last night after hearing about you guys from Operationsports. I was so hyped to hear about the mod because i had been craving a baseball game. I went out and got Out of The Park 16 and while that game is a beast in its own right for what it does...i needed to SEE t he action play out on the field. So im hyped...got a fresh copy, downloaded the mod and the patches and am good to go. In reference to the above post, i take it you guys tune the diff Dr ent levels of the game behind the scenes huh...meaning i really dont need to touch the sliders to get a good game? That True MVP sounds like its going to be beastly! !!
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