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  1. I usually read the installation settings, I must've glossed over this. I will make the changes now. Thank you for the heads up. Sorry for bumping a post because I couldn't read slower Thank you for the response, Jim!
  2. I am bumping this thread instead of creating a new one because it seems I have run into the same problem the Original poster has encountered. I just installed a clean, new install of MVP 2005 with CD's onto my computer, downloaded TC 1988 and the works and I got it installed and running as normal (I shouldn't have a problem from being an ol crusty vet on this site ). My problem is this: I created a dynasty mode with the New York Mets and after I played my first game against the Montreal Expos, when I get to the Final Box Score screen, my game crashed to the desktop. I have played a few Exhibition games before this and it works perfectly fine but I seem to be having this crashing problem in dynasty mode. Game was installed from CD's, mod installed correctly and I am running Windows XP. Thanks for your time and effort on these mods, they're pretty awesome, never ceases to amaze me. Thanks fellas.
  3. I said absolutely nothing. What's Facebook? What's baseball? What is life? The thread title does say..."Random"
  4. Thanks for making me feel right at home, sir. I'm sure you do know me by my altar ego! Or my Facebook name. Yeah, lets go with that.
  5. Every time I come back to MVP mods, I always like going through this thread. For goodness sake Y4L, I give you credit for keeping up with this! More determination into this than what I had after my second or third MVP Dynasties....or whatever Blades' put out there! That's an old timer joker I'm sure anyone who registered on this website after 2009 won't understand haha. I might as well add my own thoughts in too I guess. I really like this thread. As I sit here typing this out, I'm listening to "Wavelength" by Van Morrison. A guy my age (21) should NOT know who Van Morrison is. I'm an old soul. Don't judge me! In terms of baseball/random thoughts, I get "jealous" watching the MLB Playoffs year after year because as a suffering and self-admitted Mets fan, along with baseball being my favourite sport, I just wish that one day I can turn on a TV in October and see the heart of Flushing, the ever so corporate Citi Field crowd waving rally towels as the Mets begin Game 1 of the NLCS against (Insert NL Central/West team, probably either STL or SF). The last time the Mets were in the playoffs, I was in 8th grade. I had braces and was re-enacting Mets moments with MVP 2007 Total Conversion Mod that installed with TiT. Boy, was 2006 a fun year. Granted it ended on a sour note, but I can't remember the last time I was satisfied with the way a Mets season went. 2007, well, we all know what happened. 2008 was a rollercoaster ride which ended in a pool of tears as not only the Mets fell short of the playoffs, but Shea was closing as well. 2009-2013 was all a blur. Different managers, overpaid players, smug and moronic owners, even losing WFAN as the radio station for Mets baseball. It's been a rough go, but with the youth this team has and considering 2014 was a modest success, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the future. Sandy Alderson is building a foundation that the Mets have throughout the years succeeded on. Pitching, Pitching and more pitching! Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard. 3 out of the 4 are already proven. If Noah pans out, oh boy, look out! Then you have the emergence of Lucas Duda (FINALLY), the showing of Travis d'Arnaud, Wilmer Flores, Dilson Hererra. The stability of Daniel Murphy and the reliable arms of Jennry Mejia, Vic Black and Jeurys Familia, things are on the upswing. Lets just hope, the grey hairs are settling in now.... Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here. I'll see myself out now.
  6. What position? I played Second Base. As a Puerto Rican male, that's mandatory haha Were you a power hitter? Oh, hell no. I had warning track power. Contact hitter? Yes. A lot of base hits, walks, doubles. I was a Billy Beane type of player. Decent Glove? Yes. I can say I was a Wizard. Someone take that nickname already? How many HR's did you hit? One and a half in seven years. It was an inside the park home run. The half was a ball that hit off an electric pole. If the pole wasn't in the way, I'd have two. Did you make the All-Star team? I did but I got removed. The captain of this all-star traveling team and good buddy of mine had told me the coaches needed a reserve infielder and my name was suggested. Only to be usurped by the coaches fat, non-talented son, who was a catcher afraid to catch the ball. Fun times. All of this occurred in my town (Perth Amboy) baseball league when I was a teenager. Played there from 2003-2007. I was on one team throughout that whole run. Same group of guys usually year in and year out. We were the "Cardinals" We won two championships. I had a big hand in one of those championships, when in a final game before the championship game, I hit a two run double late in the 6th inning against this pitcher for the "Yankees." He tipped his pitches. Blatantly. I had always owned this kid when I faced him. He would lick his fingers twice and shake his glove when he threw a changeup and he would always put it down the middle. Lets just say I pounced on it. I tried out for my high school baseball team and was rejected all three times due to the fact that in my town, you need to know someone to get ahead instead of actual talent. I could hit better than most of those dopes on that team, hence why they went 1-11 at one point. My baseball career pretty much came to a halt there. I do want to join some local leagues next spring though because I have this fiery passion to play the game.
  7. I was just looking through the thread and watching these interesting videos and couldn't help but respond to this. I assumed he'd be around again. When I was heavily active here, I remember him being around a lot. Didn't know that about Dylan. I think he was just joining as a lot of the old guard was slowly going out.
  8. Get with the program, kid! 13 online > 12 online. Still a bit of lag, but it's better.
  9. I guess this doesn't qualify as Sunday Morning thoughts, more like after thoughts really. Don't know if that makes any sense...lol. Well..... --- Baseball starts on the 1st. Will the Mets make it a joke to lose on Opening Day, or troll us by winning, then putting out a subpar effort, the rest of the way? --- The Astros beat the Rangers....handily? Wait, no. Someone wake me up please, this can't be REAL. --- I just put a new episode of my show on my page. The show still hasn't hit it stride yet.......I'm almost there --- Nothing in sports seems to be giving me any joy for some reason. The Mets have this overbearing uncertainty. The New York Rangers can't seem to score goals and get timely wins when needed and the Jets.....pfft....they just flat out suck. Sports is almost ruined for me... --- I'm still a little upset about the WBC loss Puerto Rico endured from DR. Being Puerto Rican, this means a lot to me. At least I was able to drown it out by playing the WBC Caribe mod. Video games > reality (sometimes) That's it for now. It's nothing interesting really, just random thoughts.
  10. Of course not! How can ANYONE? Thank You, Kind sir! Much appreciated! A new episode is coming soon, I'll post it here so you guys can see! Once again, thank you for your kind words fellas. I'm gonna try and do these more often, seems like a nice thread to throw something and have it stick to the wall. Plus it brings me back here, so two positives lead to dystentery....wait, that's not right. I'll stop now...
  11. PSN: DudleyDoWright5 MLB 13 The Show. Lets do this....
  12. WOW! Even though you beat the Mets in the World Series, congrats on the win and completing the season man! Here's something that will make you really go nuts...well, not really, it's just a small tidbit. I remember when you actually started this dynasty on this website. It was one of the first to my knowledge use the Show as your main game. I was gone for a bit, and I had thought you had finished this, but even if anything had happened that prevented you from not doing this, the quality and presentation is still top notch man. I've also been checking out your NHL 09 Be -A -Pro dynasty on Operation Sports too. Really good job on this, glad to see it come full circle!
  13. I've been pondering on whether I should do one of these again. I vaguely remember doing one of these a couple of years ago, around the time of the newer conversion mods. But...here i go.. Dudley's Random Thoughts. --- As I type this, it's about 3AM, and I'm just sitting here watching a CBC feed for Hockey Night in Canada, and I must say...Don Cherry's jacket really tests out the colors on my HDTV. --- While I sit here and introspect, I was thinking about how the site was back then. I remember being so into this site, devoting tons of hours tweaking my game, running a online league, procrastinating on high school home work because someone had spoke bad about the Mets and I needed to go and defend my team, or doing a dynasty, boy those were good times. --- Things have changed drastically from what I last remember, and I'm not putting that out as a bad thing. I still remember reading somewhere that Trues was going to take the site down. I remember saying to myself "Oh no!" Even though by that time I had been less involved in the site, I would come back on occasion, see how all is, and the thought of it not being there struck a chord inside me, as weird and cliche as that sounds... --- I remember the day I found out this site was modding the 2K PC game, and I immediately thought it was a bad idea, I honestly don't know why. I guess it might have had to do something with me absolutely hating 2K's baseball games (at that point, I had no PS3, all XBOX, I am a happy PS3, MLB The show owner now BTW). But now I see that the modding of the 2K game has given this place a longer lifespan. --- It's always nice to see some of the old guard here. Some names like KC, Y4L, DJ Eagles, Homer, just to name a few. I still remember the days when this site and EA Mods were joined, but split at the same time. I found that so awesome to see EA Mods and MVP mods both operating at the same time. I do remember when EA Mods went down, kinda sad because there were some mods there I couldn't find here, but that's all in the past now. --- I look at myself now and look at myself back when I was immensely active on this site. When I was around more, I was a teenager, still in High School. I had acne, braces, bad hair, a terrible sense of humor, a failed baseball player and a serious case of procrastination-itus. Now, I still have some acne, but got the braces removed, fixed my hair, attend a college, and I'm trying to wiggle my way into the broadcasting business, to one day host my own late night comedy talk show. I've even gone the lenghts to have my own local talk show in my town, which is also on YouTube, which can be seen......here (Late Program, it's there). --- I guess this is more of a reflection of the past then random thoughts, sorry Y4L, I'll be a bit more random after this.. --- I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. --- A Fort Worth police officer Tased Lady Liberty three times at a busy intersection, reports the Dallas Morning News. You know, this seems to be getting out of hand. Why just yesterday, police arrested Big Ben for giving them the wrong time... --- The Huffington Post asks "Do you want to live in an insane asylum?" Um...yes Alex, I'll take "Questions asked before moving to New Jersey for 500" --- Nicki Minaj posed for ELLE magazine recently, citing she "wants to be taken more seriously when it comes to her style." For the record, this is the first time a fashion magazine has featured a live donkey on it's cover. --- Last three thoughts are jokes I wrote... Well, I guess that's it for me...for now. I'll still be around, just not as much as I wish I could be. Those are my random thoughts on this sunday morning, March 24th, 2013.
  14. I think this is a tremendous idea. A video like this would be able to not only promote the site, but show others who are newer how the site was before. Boy, have I had some times on this site. From doing dynasties, chatting with fellow Mets fans, attemtping to mod (I have TWO mods on record lol), I have had so many memories and have made friends to whom I still chat with till this day. I used to lurk on this website, a lot. I finally decided to join at one point in the summer of 2007. As a teenage kid and avid baseball fan looking for more than just the regular game, this site did it for me. The mods, the tools, the effort by the numerous amounts of people who spent their free time developing programs and downloads for us to enjoy was something I always thanked them for and will never forget. If you need any ideas, or a interview, bounce em off me man, I'm totally down to help you out on this project.
  15. This is great. To see the MVPmod community once again come together and help out. Kinda reminds me of when they were getting the 07/08 mods ready and seeing all the activity going on and such. I wish I would've seen this thread earlier, because I wish I could help in any aspect whatsover like a new overlay for the game and whatnot. If there's anything I can do to help, I'd be more than happy to contribute. I don't know if someone has made a new overlay or not for the mod, but I'd like to help. I feel as a tenured member, I should contribute in some capacity. I'd like to help....thats if you guys would let me......
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