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  1. No, would you like me to go back to 2006 and find my reciept from Gamestop in order to get your assistance? Let me warm my DeLorean up it takes a minute for the flux capacitor to wake up......
  2. So now that I've finally gotten MVP05 to work on Windows 10, I've started a new Dynasty. I'm using manual base running, but one thing that is really, really, really getting under my skin, is that I don't remember how to slide when returning to the base during a pick off attempt. I hit the "all runners return to base" button on the controller (Right Button) but they just lazily stroll back to the bag. Which of course leads to the AI being able to pick you off since it can immediately throw the ball back to the base once you go back to the batter view. AI seems to have no problems at all sliding
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