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  1. Sorry it had to come to this guys, hope everything works out. I only log in once every two weeks or so, and no longer have the game or reason to download anything, but still loved all you guys have done, so good luck. MVP was the only good baseball game ever made, and I would really wish to get it back sometime soon. I miss you guys though, even some of you darn yanks fans!
  2. Borgi

    Site Issues

    really like the new look and feel and speed
  3. This is an awesome dynasty. My favorite team, and your graphics are crazy.
  4. i have been opening up photoshop and resizing it, but that is frustrating. I was wondering same thing as you
  5. Kraw, I downloaded and installed the program. Where do the images save to when I click save? EDIT: I figured it out
  6. I have tried to search with certain keywords, but many different threads pop up. I was wondering how people post their boxscores so that the image shows up in a thread and not just provide a link to it. Is the only way to do it to print screen and paste in into photoshop/paint?
  7. Borgi


    just saw this, really nice. Thanks
  8. Borgi


    nice man thanks :wtg:
  9. Borgi


    i requested fernando martinez a while back
  10. Borgi


    a prospect like fernando martinez would be sick
  11. Wow this is a wonderful thread, right up there with the all compressing FAQs. Good job man
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=u_hMnT44Etk http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZJb3x4ylCLc
  13. Borgi


    thanks ron, i know nothing about making nice sigs and such, and reading this thread for tips...I will give lasso tool a go. Right now I am just toying around and such. Thanks for the written response, something we dont get to much round here anymore.
  14. Borgi


    rog what does that comment mean?
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