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  1. Haven't checked this out in a while, but this looks great, man. The presentation is top-notch and I'm liking the templates you are using. Keep up the good work.
  2. RaysFTW

    Site Issues

    I totally agree with that. It also looks pretty clean.
  3. I don't understand what you mean by navigate to the MVP directory.
  4. Dynasty looks pretty swell man. Just keep up the damn good work.
  5. I agree with Rog and Nus, Punk words tremendously hard. He is also one of the most humble characters in the WWE.
  6. RaysFTW


    KidCavalier pretty much got it. It didn't sound right when that kid's like dodgers wallpaper plz. It's a little demanding. You're fine D-Unit as I know you don't do that.
  7. RaysFTW


    I'm not trying to sound mean or anything, but people should try and attempt to create wallpapers instead of having others do it for them. I don't think it's fair that people are asking in a such demanding way. It's so stupid. Seriously, if you don't have photoshop, go download GIMP. This is not directed at anybody, but merely a suggestion. If you get offended, then I'm sorry.
  8. Wow. 11 walks, man. Talk about a bad day for Pettite.
  9. RaysFTW


    Original: Manipulated:
  10. RaysFTW


    Wrigley, that sig is alright but not your best. You can do better and the text doesn't flow. Just giving you some C&C.
  11. RaysFTW


    Andrewdon, it takes months and months of practice. You have to look at many, many tutorials. Then, you will get it. But you have to have patience and try hard. So don't give up, bro. You're not doing too bad for a novice.
  12. RaysFTW


    The sig is great besides the text. Can't really see it.
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