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    i would like to ask someone to make a baseball banner 962 x 152 for my site in style similar to these sig works in this thread. Thanks very much in advance, if you are interested, pls PM me.
  2. but if i remember well, it caused crash at start in exhibtion mode, i think. but i have a very bad memory :)
  3. I have the same experience as Jim, it can help
  4. pity, that I do not play mvp anymore :D
  5. yes, this is standart version for non-modded MVP 2005, so you dont see new amazaing cyberfaces. i will add that into description, thanks.
  6. photo / audio pls NY Yankees Zach Nuding Mark Montgomery Arizona Brandon Drury
  7. Daniel Rosenbaum (COL) photo/audio id 9586 - i dont know how to deleted my post thanks
  8. Files contains database copy Program Files EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 data database Sav file into My Documents Documents MVP folder
  9. Updated version out Updated fielding attributtes for MLB players, speed, plate discipline and durability. Minor league and major league transaction up to 9/1/2013. File includes sav file, mbe file and database folder.
  10. Photo / audio pls Ryu Hyun-jin Kyuji Fujikawa Hiroyuki Nakajima Thanks
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