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  1. I got the 1988 classic up and running. Since I couldn't run an actual fantasy draft through the game, I came up with an alternate way to come up with my team and still keep it somewhat balanced. Granted, the team I ended up with is definitely a great team, so maybe even this was too lenient, but I suck at the game so it balances out anyway, lol. Plus I'm having a ton of fun with it. Anyway, here's what I did: I allowed myself to 'draft' one player from each team in the league (26 teams, 25 players on a team so one team I didn't get a player from.) The trick is I could only take one player at each spot in the batting order, each position in the starting lineup, and each place in the pitching rotation. So for instance, I took McGwire from the A's so no more A's, no more cleanup hitters, or 1st basemen starter. My 5 backup hitters/fielders had to be guys not in the starting lineup. Anyway it was a fun way to sort of draft my own team. Got Franco, Greenwell, Puckett, McGwire, Bo, let's see who else...BJ Surhoff, Dunston, Gruber...pitching rotation includes Nolan Ryan, Fernando Valenzuela and a young John Smoltz.
  2. For what it's worth, I found a workaround, I just simmed that game and it worked fine. Given the long season I tend to sim over half of the games anyway (I often only intervene if it's a close game to play the last inning or two.) Having a blast with this 1988 season! I haven't played MVP in probably 10 years, but just found this site and thought that it would be cool to check it out again
  3. yup, I meant to mention. I did turn off all of those things.
  4. alright a follow up...this was actually the 2nd game of the season, not the first. I forgot I had simmed the first when testing some things out. I restarted the Dynasty. This time I played through my entire first game, no problems. However, when I got to the 2nd game, again it crashed at the end of the first inning. Same opponents, same field, pretty much everything the same. So this leads me to a possible issue...could it be that it's a problem with the pitcher who is 2nd in my rotation (Charlie Hough?) It's the only thing I can think of that's different. I guess I'll try switching my rotation so that another pitcher would pitch and try that.
  5. Alright I finally got everything downloaded, got my controller configured. I wanted to do a fantasy draft but that's pretty hairy with the classic seasons, so I traded the players I wanted to the team I wanted (Mariners) on the regular rosters and am using that as my team. In my first game, I've tried playing 3 times and after I hit in the top of the first, the game crashes. That is to say I never get to the bottom of the 1st. We're playing in Oakland. Any ideas? I'll try simming past the inning and see if that does anything, though that's not a fix anyway I'm just curious if that will get past the crash.
  6. I'm brand new, but excited about the possibilities of playing MVP baseball with different season rosters, just found out about this! So here's what I'm interested in...running a fantasy draft in dynasty mode. Ideally, I want to try out a late 80's season, when I was a kid and a huge fan. Just at a quick reading it looks like I may have trouble with this given that there are too many teams. Is there a way to run a fantasy draft? It looks like there's a 1988 classic mod, that would work great. The alternative is I'd be looking for the most current mod possible. Though I'd like to do the 88 one if there's a way to do it without a bunch of current players sneaking in. Please help point me in the right direction, thanks!
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