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  1. Ho-Ho-Ho! It's Christmas time, dear MLB 2K fans! I talked to our Vice-President here at Visual Concepts, and he gave his perimssion to release one more version of REDitor II. Not much was added, but now every single feature of the tool is available for ABSOLUTELY FREE ! I also want to thank HAWK23, who helped me with testing. Let's Welcome REDitor II v. 5.0 Courtesy of Visual Concepts and have a happy holiday week! Merry Christmas, everyone! Click here to Download REDitor II v. 5.0.
  2. Hi, is the REDitor ii GURU license still available for purchase for MLB 2k13 0n  Xbox 360? The "Order Now" button doesn't work.. 


    Also every .ROS roster file I save from REDitor's free version won't load in-game, it says that the file is "corrupted or unreadable"... If anyone has ran into this problem and knows if I'm missing a step or anything, please help! I've loaded other rosters from Operation Sports using Horizon and they've worked fine. 

  3. How do you change the date in MLB 2K12 in franshide mode? When I use the REDit, I cannot press ctrl+shift+g to change the date 2017. Could you upload a roster file with the 2017 roster and the 2017 schedule please?


    Thank YOU

  4. I'm sorry for those problems with purchasing this week. My hosting provider pissed me off with an accidential technical bug on his side, which he still can't fix... So the maintainance release is up; it avoids that bug. Please, e-mail me to reditor@ya.ru
  5. You can find the link in the first post of this thread. This is also it: http://reditor.red-mods.com/setup_REDitorII_v4.6.exe
  6. Yeah, this looks to be an issue... I was too happy, that the date got finally changed, so didn't do a complex test. Looks like some other dates must be changed as well (like Trade Deadline, maybe Player Injuries Dates, whatever else...). I'll get back to the problem some time later. So, currently the tool can be only used to move the date several days right or left.
  7. No, by the "Current Date" i mean the date, that is showed in the top left corner of the main Franchise screen (the one with the news and team reports all around). Thank you, i'll be waiting for the files. Will update the tool some time next week then.
  8. Just add 1 year to all the default Schedule tabs. Like "Older" should have it set to 2011, "Old" to 2012, all the other tabs - to "2013". Please, send me an XBox FXG file to reditor@ya.ru and specify its current date. I need this, since i don't have a 360 copy of the game.
  9. Yes, any date from January, 0th ( ), 2000 till December, 31st, 2127. This shouldn't be a problem. Open a roster in REDitor; choose Schedule tab; Ctrl+Shift+G; column = "Year", value = "2013"; click Replace; Save the file. Modder's Interfaces and Guru Tables are required to do so. Sorry, it was bedtime y-day, so i accidentaly uploaded a wrong version. Please, redownload the new one.
  10. Know how to get the opening day in 2013: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=55041 ;)
  11. MLB 2K12 Franchise Date Swapper Hello everyone! This is Vl@d Zola Jr. again. I've made a small tool to help us get the opening day in 2013. Although, of course, you can use it for whatever other purpose you'd like. So, the basic instruction follows: 1) Find a roster with 2013 schedule (year 2013 is set for the fixtures on Schedules tab in REDitor). 2) Start a new Franchise, using the roster. 3) Once you finish creating the new Franchise, save it and quit from it (not from the game, but from the Franchise). 4) Open your file with this tool, set year to 2013, save the changes.
  12. Yes, it is available. Players tab. sask3m, i'm not sure about the reasons for your errors... Do you run the tool as Administrator and is it white-listed in your Antivirus software? ====================== Players.TeamID 10 = PULSAN Players.Energy 99 := ; The above line should be correct. Not sure about the index out of bounds, though. I'll check that later. There probably be a new version released some time in January, with several minor things fixed. Also Pitchers' Roles... i'll take a look for them.
  13. It is possible. You can try the newest Demo (just uploaded - the link is in the first post).
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