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  1. You can run them. This is a slight difference between CPU and XBOX.
  2. Portraits won't transfer for unmodded. You'll have to FTP that file from your computer. For the rosters... you have to FTP the .DAT files over as well. Once someone, who has an Action Replay, does a roster save on their console, that's when they could take it out of their UDATA folder and upload it for those with unmodded. With those .DAT files, i forget if they are 18, 19, or 20 of them. All but one goes into the same folder. It's been a while since I gave this some thought, but you can search some old forums on it. I had some stuff in there. Gordo and KyleB were the guys for this. I know theyve been out of the console "game" for a while. Search the forums and you can find a lot.
  3. Not sure if I have a template for the pull over jersey, but if someone has one readily available, could you message me with it.
  4. Not 100 % accuracy required. I liked the unis, the names not so much.
  5. Would be highly interested if someone would be willing. As a Phillies fan, it would be nice with limited selection to choose from.
  6. This was brought up in support forum for 15 Mod. Use the version from MVP 12 if you have it. Simply copy file from one to the other.
  7. Any chance someone may have or be working on Atlanta's SunTrust?
  8. royhobbs

    Need help

    Agree with Gordo. In all fairness though... I have two copies of the game and didn't get manual with them from ebay. Trues provided the link back in 2007. http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.2789
  9. TA42, Will send you private message
  10. You would need modded system. You can edit roster with MVPEdit. Then you need to FTP over to your modded xbox. From there, you can create your "RosterSave" and copy to you AR Card.
  11. If you have an original untouched xbox, you are limited. Mainly just the roster. However some things are capable if you have a modded console.
  12. are you looking for uniform select files? as in the frontend\uniforms file? if so, you need the fshtool and xshtool. open both and copy the .bmp from fsh to xsh. you may need to resize.
  13. the first half looks like a file save from the xbox for the action replay
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