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  1. I haven't done this in quite awhile, so here goes nothing. Just some brief thoughts. How bout those Yankees this year...specifically ARod and Tex, who have risen from the dead. I cannot believe how good they have been, both power and their approach at the plate. Clearly the two most consistent threats in this surprisingly great offense the Yankees have supplied this year. Chris Young has been a gem (sorry Mets fans) hitting well over .300 against LHP. Boston Red Sox, talk about a trainwreck. Their CEO is now out and apparently word was they tried dumping Sandoval on someone elses hands at the deadline. Speaking of, the Padres who did nothing at the deadline. Somebody needs to tell AJ Preller this isn't MLB The Show. On the pitching front, it's been a bit of a struggle. Im looking at you rotation. Tanaka has been up and down, Pineda is now hurt, Nova is a box of chocolates, and then there is CC. Breaks my heart to see him struggle like this. If you couldn't tell by my name I am/was one of his biggest supporters. How could you not be when he was in his prime? dude threw gas with nasty offspeed and you could count on 7+ from him every time out. This is something the Yankees are lacking at the moment. I guess the bullpen has been pretty good at least. I am with you Y4L. I am also happy Cash didn't move any of the key farm pieces. Severino is gonna toe the rubber against Boston next week, I for one and just about the whole Yankee fanbase are really excited for this kid. Scouts have raved about him and why not? he's dominated the minor leagues. Let's see what he can do. For the first time in a awhile, the Yankees have some intriguing young players knocking on the door down at Triple A. Aaron Judge the imposing RF who looks like he should be playing football, Greg Bird who could be Texs successor, and others like Gary Sanchez who is having a damn fine year and looks to be finding his groove after prospect fatigue the last few years. Now I just realized this wasn't all that brief. It looks as if I got carried away, haha. The Yankees are in 1st place, and I am loving it. I really, really hope they make a return to the postseason. 3 years is to long for this diehard Yankee fan.
  2. It is so awesome to see this site still thriving and pumping out mods, the people on here are just fantastic. I haven't posted here in quite awhile, I purchased a new desktop and found my MVP and figured to install for nostalgia sake. It has been years and years since I have played this, the mod is awesome. Great work guys, salute.
  3. Tanaka and Betances are absolutely filthy
  4. Teixeria? Solarte? Betances? Warren? outside of that little mistake last night came in with a 1 era.
  5. John Kruk was salvating over Tanakas "bad" start. 11ks 2 runs 1 of them on a fielders choice and 5 hits. 4 walks and a hit batter but his composure is unreal.
  6. Pinetar on Richards hat, suspend him! 10 games!
  7. And then tomorrow they will score around 9 runs. Thats how it works!
  8. I cant believe Teixeria just got a 2 hit game in April. But hey, I will take it! thank the lord Robertson returns for the series in Fenway. Gonna be an interesting one.
  9. Hopefully the Rays are tired from running the bases so much and hitting homeruns left and right and we can split the series. And get the hell out of this dump of a ballpark where the Yankees always get murdered at.
  10. And knowing the Yankees, Solarte will be benched in favor of Tex...oh and Nuno is pitching tomorrow...hooray
  11. Im not giving up entirely on Nova yet because he has shown potential. He was our best pitcher in the 2nd half last year, something tonight just didnt seem right. Hanging curves left and right. Our advance scouting is atrocious and it's quite obvious the Rays scouting staff has the Yankees number
  12. Missed most of it but hell of a start by Tanaka, only 2 hits both bunt singles and 1 walk with 10ks. Woot
  13. Preaching it right there, Is he still rumored to get traded? some sucker has to be willing right?
  14. Well depending on Cervelli, I hope J.R Murphy gets the call. Romine gives me nightmares
  15. Big win tonight for the Yankees. Bullpen has been pretty damn impressive so far, great composure shown by Phelps with the bases loaded and Kelly was dialed in. Ichiro can still flash that leather, man what a catch!
  16. Red Sox fans complaining about Pineda using "pine tar." I love hypocrisy
  17. Did Beltran and Soriano leave their bats in 2013? Overall, i have been pretty pleased with the pitching. I felt terrible for Pineda today. Ellsbury is coming around, Solarte has been good as well. But man, Soriano just looks lost. Get Ichiro in there man..ugh
  18. Feeling under the weather, and finals week is about to start...ugh The Yankees still need a 2B, no way Kelly Johnson starts all year. I expect Infante to be signed over the meetings..or even a trade. We'll see Christmas is right around the corner. My dad is so hard to shop for. Think ill just get him a Buffalo Bills neon sign for the man cave. Back on baseball, i wouldnt rule out a Gardner for Pablo Sandoval trade. The 3B spot needs to be addressed considering Arod is a question mark. SF also needs an outfielder, win win. Of course more would be added to the deal, but just an idea. Rumors are David Price could head to Seattle for some of their top prospects, getting him away from the AL East is fine with me.
  19. Eh, its not a devastating blow. All i was saying was he didnt suck with us, you are right. I most likely wouldnt care. At that point i would just want to win by any means lol.
  20. I appreciate those 40 homerun seasons though lol. But you always knew when he got in a hole it was a strikeout. I wouldnt say he sucked when he got too the Yankees. He still produced, he was just injured all of last year
  21. Gonna miss Cano, but it is what it is. 10 years for a 30 year old Cano, hes not a spring chicken anymore. Its just not worth it. Seattle will have a Pujols situation in about 3 years and i will laugh at every second of it. Now lets take that money we offered Cano and get some pitching..Kurodas a start! and a 2nd baseman.
  22. The most annoying thing people do is when the bases are loaded, even with the best hitters at the plate, like Cabrera or Cano. They just lay down a bunt because they're so desperate to get on the scoreboard.
  23. If you guys have PS4, you can add me my PSN is Itsmagic44. Cant wait for the show. And Y4L id highly recommend it, my favorite thing about it so far is you can broadcast whatever your playing right from the playstation. Cool stuff
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