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  1. Viva Cuba. Viva Puig!!! Gran trabajo amigo
  2. good to hear that, you are the master i will wait for the update. Thanks man,
  3. Can you do José Fernandez from the Marlins and John Mayberry from the Phillies??? Thanks
  4. Can you do a long hair version like he is actually???
  5. cubanoarp

    Mike Minor

    I like your job with the CF i think this one needs an update because the color of the face. Keep it working
  6. I see both and i notice that your work it's better than the 2k sport, so your CF will be downloaded. Of course it could be better, but you really has improved a lot since your first CF. Can you do more Braves's CF. For example Andrelton Simmons, Evan Gattis, a very important player with bad CF Kris Medlen. Thanks a lot.
  7. Aaahh ok i will check it out :ph34r:
  8. In the next update, can you update the sliders too?? I read that you make some little changes but didn't include it in the updates.
  9. Nice story, i have a nice one too. I grew up in Cuba, so is a baseball nation. I always like baseball and play a lot in the street, also support my city's team all the time, it name is Villa Clara and always have been a competetive team. But, in Cuba because the government we never had the chance to watch the MLB . So one day, back in 1996, a friend of mine gave me a baseball called "Hardball 5" -I've never hear anyone mention this game previously- for me was awesome and i started to know the MLB's baseball players. In that time the Braves had and excellent roster wich includes pitchers Maddux
  10. and you did it dude, really nice work!!! I appreciate it a lot.
  11. In Ty's editor, i don't have Reditor how could i get it?
  12. I changed the tones to 7 and it was worse . It gets more white. I know nothing about editing CF, so i can't help you either. You should ask to twnlove or detroitstyle for that matter ;)
  13. I like your work with the form of the faces a lot, but not with the colors. Bernadina and Eury Perez doesn't have the same skin tone of the head and the body. Denard Span have a spot in the face, also Wilson Ramos and Clippard have two different colors in his faces. For me Tyler Moore is your best work so i pick him. Hope you can improve them... sorry for my bad english.
  14. in my opinion i believe it's better if you complete first the 40 man roster for all MLB teams and then go back and finishing the service time and contract edits. It's just a suggestion, please don't take it as an imposition.
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