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  1. As someone who lives literally 30 minutes away from this, I'm SUPER STOKED to see it open in Spring.
  2. Well I hate to be one of "those" people, but as soon as you play MLB The Show on your PS3, you'll want to break your MLB 2K12 disc into a million pieces. MLB 2K12 and 2K13 is an alternative to those less fortunate to own a PS3, but not even a good alternative. I've played all the 2K version and The Show versions on various consoles and I always go back to The Show. So yes, being one of those people, avoid 2K12 and 2K13 on the PS3, because your PS3 will hate you for it.
  3. SeveredSoul_X is mine, although most of you already have me. I still haven't played a game of The Show yet, although I've owned it for a week and a half. But hopefully I'll get some gaming in the next few days before my trip.
  4. The "kraw" trojan is a false positive. Since TiT does multiple file conversions, it was programmed in a way that it could look suspicious (if a program can move, rename, decompress and sort that many files so quickly, it would make sense, but it's totally clean). And the first question you ask traces back to the source of the installation. If you have the CDs and run the game with the CD in the drive, you shouldn't have the issue. If it's another source, well, we unfortunately can't help you there.
  5. Lately I've been really getting into League of Legends. For those of you who doesn't know what this game is, it's an action/RPG/battle game. The official term is a "MOBA" (multiplayer online battle arena") game. If you've played or seen the mod "Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) for Warcraft 3, it's along the same lines. Anyway back on topic, I was seeing if anyone played this fantastic game, and if so, play with me to pass some time before Opening Day. My summoner name is - SeveredSoulX - and I'm level 30 (Bronze Div I in ranked). So hit me up either on here or on League and good luck on the rift!
  6. They're all decent runners too. Well, if you count stolen bases and somewhat fast speed running down to first.
  7. I googled for a few pitchers and came up with a few Tim Lincecum Jon Rauch Ted Lilly Bronson Arroyo Carlos Zambrano Derek Lowe I'm sure there are a few more we can add...
  8. Is there a way to look at the series W-L between the Brewers and Astros? Maybe if say the Brewers won the majority of the games vs the Astros, the game gave the Brewers the nod over the Astros. If the Astros won the season series, then I wouldn't know.
  9. I'm not supporting Scott Boras at all, but he's just doing his job. He is an agent - an agent is suppose to get the best deal for his clients. If people want the talent, they'll shell out the money. Boras just keeps the money flowing for them - yet it's not his fault that the Yankees cram millions into players. There is a word in the modern English language - called "no". And if the price tag is too high on one of his clients, the ball club can easily use that word. I know it's rare nowadays, but there is still an option :)
  10. do you have any overlays on your mvp baseball 2005 jw

  11. Maybe they're multiple personality and each personality likes baseball but forgets they have a user account at MVPMods.... Just a thought..... Right? :unknw:
  12. Thu, NOV 25 New England at Detroit New Orleans at Dallas Cincinnati at NY Jets Sun, NOV 28 Jacksonville at NY Giants Pittsburgh at Buffalo Tennessee at Houston Green Bay at Atlanta Carolina at Cleveland Minnesota at Washington Kansas City at Seattle Miami at Oakland Philadelphia at Chicago St. Louis at Denver Tampa Bay at Baltimore San Diego at Indianapolis Mon, NOV 29 San Francisco at Arizona (21-31 = 52)
  13. Thu, NOV 18 Chicago at Miami (Sorry JR ) Sun, NOV 21 Buffalo at Cincinnati Arizona at Kansas City Green Bay at Minnesota Washington at Tennessee Cleveland at Jacksonville Houston at NY Jets Baltimore at Carolina Detroit at Dallas Oakland at Pittsburgh Atlanta at St. Louis Tampa Bay at San Francisco Seattle at New Orleans Indianapolis at New England NY Giants at Philadelphia Mon, NOV 22 Denver at San Diego (35-33 = 68)
  14. Thu, NOV 11 Baltimore at Atlanta Sun, NOV 14 Detroit at Buffalo Cincinnati at Indianapolis NY Jets at Cleveland Minnesota at Chicago Houston at Jacksonville Tennessee at Miami Carolina at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Denver St. Louis at San Francisco Seattle at Arizona Dallas at NY Giants New England at Pittsburgh Mon, NOV 15 Philadelphia at Washington (23-20 = 43)
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