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  1. How about the 1960 Tigers uniforms? I am very sure it has not been done here. This uniform was only used for one year and then they went back to the old English D in 1961.
  2. If you want to do multiple installs of Total Classics mods please go to this thread right here and you will be able to do it.
  3. 6 out of 10, 62 seconds. Terrible!
  4. 6 out of 10, 54 seconds. That's going to be easily beat.
  5. Yes, he's going to move off the couch and onto the La-z-boy.
  6. 7 out of 10, 83 seconds. What the hell?
  7. 8 out of 10, 110 seconds. Very slow today.
  8. Yes I do. The best I can do is make an educated guess but when they asked where the finals were held in 2007 or something like that then I have no clue at all.
  9. 10 out of 10, 67 seconds. I had to flip a coin on question one.
  10. 7 of 10, 62 seconds. Blind luck.
  11. 8 out of 10, 95 seconds. I had to flip a coin on some of them.
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