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    Gordo once again stays on top of all the transactions in the major leagues and that is something that is very hard to do. I appreciate his work very much because his rosters have always made Mvp '05 better!
  1. Thank you for these major improvements to this latest roster Gordo!
  2. He is the man who owns the website.
  3. I'll give you credit you sure as hell put a lot of work into this.
  4. Here's my advice. Stop trying to get in touch with 2k because you'll be lucky if they get back to you about this. Like I told the other guy check Amazon and eBay because even if they don't have one right now they are not going to be selling it for as much as you found it for on the UK website.
  5. No game is worth that much.
  6. What's new in version 1.0.7??? You said and I quote you "changed a few things." Usually when a mod is updated the modder tells people what was updated and why. How about doing that the next time?
  7. Go to Amazon and see if someone is selling it there. Also you can try eBay.
  8. I think this opinion piece by S.E. Cupp says things a lot better than I can.
  9. He cares and that's why he bothered to explain it. And I think you're exaggerating too much here. A lot of people know who the Montréal Expos were.
  10. I have been watching Domingo German for awhile now and all this time I could have sworn he looked like someone and tonight it finally hit me. Does anyone remember an old movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy? German looks like the guy who played the little bushman in the movie. Check it out. Tell me if you agree with me or if I am seeing things. Domingo German The actor from the Gods must be crazy movie.
  11. Yankee4Life

    Site Issues

    Good! Because back on the 31st I had to delete about five spam threads. Thank you!
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