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  1. 42 years today for Thurman Munson. I think that says it all.
  2. The 1956 Cleveland Indians (2nd in the A.L.) vs the 1956 Boston Red Sox (4th in the A.L.) Using TC 1956 and played in Fenway Park, Boston Cleveland Indians 6, Boston Red Sox 0 WP: Early Wynn (8IP, 5 hits, 0 walks, 10 strikeouts) LP: Tom Brewer (7 1/3 IP, 14 hits, 6 runs, 6 earned, 2 strikeouts) Play of the game: Bobby Avila's 2-run triple in the 7th inning to make the score 5 - 0. Avila went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. Screenshots Presenting your 1956 Boston Red Sox!! The Red Sox were the last team to
  3. Domingo German was placed on the 10-day injured list on Sunday with right shoulder inflammation. What the F*** else can happen?
  4. I've known this for awhile since I play TC 10 a lot. I didn't create the uniform and I don't know who did.
  5. You really need to be familiar with how to go about doing this and be comfortable with how to do it. He explained it very well but at the same time he can not help you apply it. Yes it can be done but you really need to know what you are doing before you attempt it. If not you can bet you are going to get your game to crash. Let me ask you this. Why do you need Jeter in this season's game? I'd download Mvp 12 or 13 and he will already be there. Saves you a ton of work and aggravation.
  6. Coming soon the 1956 Cleveland Indians visit the 1956 Boston Red Sox using the 1956 Total Classics mod.
  7. The 1986 American League Champion Boston Red Sox vs. the 1970 World Champion Baltimore Orioles. Using TC Phase 10 and played in Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. Baltimore Orioles 5, Boston Red Sox 1 WP: Jim Palmer (9IP, 8 hits, 1 run, 0 walks and 8 strikeouts) LP: Dennis Boyd (7IP, 12 hits, 5 runs, 5 earned, 0 walks, 3 strikeouts) Play of the game: Paul Blair, who had a two run triple in the seventh inning to make the score 4 - 1 Baltimore. That effectively put the game out of reach. Left fielder Don Buford went 4 for 4 with 1 RBI
  8. I don’t know if you are talking to me or not but I’d hope not. I don’t consider myself a hater but I don’t mind admitting to everyone that I hate what that team is doing this year, or not doing. It depends on how you look at it. I never want them to lose at any time but I’ve never been happy watching them lose. They ended up in dead last in 1990 and that was easier to take because you knew that team was over matched. These guys on this team are different but the losses, while still not on a 1990 pace, are just as bad. Maybe worse because this 2021 team had a lot more expectations a
  9. They won last night. Not bad. The pitching was good and it has been aside from losing to Tampa by two touchdowns. Some things that stuck out during the 4 - 2 win. 1. Domingo German has been doing a pretty good job lately. 2. Judge (0 for 5, 2 strikeouts, 2 left on base) continues to be a worthless piece of sh**. 3. Stanton is the same but when this guy actually gets a hold of one like he did last night it is impressive. 4. What the *&%^ is up with Gleyber Torres? 5. *&#$ you Luke Voit. If you would stop getting hurt Anthony Ri
  10. Many years ago TyWiggins came out with a wonderful utility for Mvp Baseball 2005 called the Box Score Extractor. It was (and still is) a mod that is still used to this day by Mvp users. When I first started using it I had a thread here called The Beauty of the BSE where I would play exhibition games, take screenshots and then post the detailed box score when the game was completed. I also would try to post funny comments about the screenshots that I collected with the hope that others would see the humor too. Well, that turned out to be a hit because that thread had eleven pages fu
  11. The Blue Jays officially have made their big splash, acquiring right-hander José Berríos from the Twins in exchange for No. 2 prospect Austin Martin and No. 4 prospect Simeon Woods Richardson. Well who gives a %$#@? EDIT: Now rumor has it the Yankees want to trade Luke Voit for pitching. Don't count on it. Who the hell wants someone who is always injured?
  12. Washington Nationals infielder Starlin Castro has been suspended for 30 games without pay and fined an undisclosed amount for violating Major League Baseball's policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.
  13. Max Scherzer to Los Angeles is still not official yet.
  14. A few things that went through my mind after I heard that the Yankees lost by a 14 - 0 score yesterday. 1. When do they enjoy a laugher like that? It always seems that they lose a lot of games by these blowout scores but not the other way around. A blowout for them is when they win 6 to 2. 2. Gerritt Cole never had a game like he had yesterday when he was in Houston. He saved all of that when he got to New York and got paid. 3. With all the trades they made they could not get rid of s*** for brains Stanton. Then again no surprise, right? Who in their right m
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