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  1. I don't want to sound unsympathetic but this is your problem and not anyone else's. It falls on you to save your discs. I bought my game in February of 2005 and I still know where my CD's are - the both of them. The game has a lot of trouble running on Windows 10 and that includes the people who are trying to get it to work on a legitimate copy of the game. But let me help you out here. While it is true that people are selling this game for close to $200 (and yes, I believe that is highway robbery) I did find you a copy that is being sold on Amazon for $39.99. It is a used like new game and it is a hell of a lot more reasonable then the one they have for $174.14. That is the extent of how I can help you.
  2. Here are the instructions to run this mod. ENGLISH: In this pack you will find the neccesary changes to replace 8 AAA teams in MVP Baseball 2005 for the Venezuelan League Graphic set. Just run the two exe included files to go. If you want to get your teamnames back, just extract the extra zip file in your \Data folder. This is an old mod but still should work.
  3. You got that right!!!!! And that is where I stopped reading. You will not receive any support when you have a pirated version of the game. That means you did not pay for the game. You are going to have to find their own answers for the problems that you are having. Read this rule again. In fact, read all the rules again. Discussions and requests for illegal downloads (via admission or open discussion) or making them available to other posters is explicitly prohibited. This content includes (but is not limited to): CD Keys (MLB 2K or MVP Baseball or otherwise) & Serial Numbers No-CD cracks Warez Original Game Files
  4. Provide the link where you downloaded this mod please.
  5. I don't understand why you can not read the whole thread. EDIT: Well I just checked and I was able to access every page. Please provide more details, if any.
  6. Updated to 10-6 ...I’m not here to defend Domingo German or to make excuses for what he did because the way I see it you don’t go around hitting a woman. But I don’t understand why he could not have begun to serve his suspension at the beginning of next season. By not letting him play in the post season it penalizes the entire team. The Yankees post season roster is weaker because of this and I do not see a good reason why this had to occur. Yes, suspend him for what he did because he was in the wrong but don’t make the other players suffer. ...I don’t know about any of you but I am so tired of hearing the words Statcast AI Powered by AWS come out of the words of baseball announcers after someone hits a home run. It’s obvious to me that these people paid Major League Baseball a ton of money and in return every announcer or color commentator must say those five words right after another ball flies over the fence. Then we get the launch angle and exit velocity of the home run because if we don’t have that information we won’t be able to watch the rest of the game. Maybe it’s me but I miss the days of watching baseball without all of the unnecessary things being thrown at you. ... Bryce is nice Dept: Bryce Harper recently completed his first year in Philadelphia after the Phillies spent three hundred thirty million dollars to bring him over from Washington with the intent to help improve their ball club and to be fair that is exactly what he did. The Phils finished with an 81 - 81 record which was a one game improvement from 2018. If they keep it up at that pace the Phillies will win ninety games by 2028. That's fine by Harper since he's not planning on going anywhere because the city and its fans compliment his sulking and discontented attitude perfectly. The only time he cracked a smile recently was when he realized he didn’t have to play baseball this month like the rest of his former National teammates. But it’s not like he is going to have anything to do this off season especially after he and his wife welcomed their first child into their home in late August. He told his wife that because of the new baby he wanted to show his appreciation to the kids in the Philadelphia area by making their Halloween and Christmas something to remember before it was time to head back down to Florida in the spring. He said that any kid who came to his house for trick-or-treat would get Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons instead of candy and if any of them objected he would let his dobermans out after them and in the weeks heading into Christmas he plans on visiting sick kids in the Philadelphia area hospitals to give away baseballs, sign autographs, pose for pictures and most importantly, to let all of them know that there is no such thing as Santa. ..Not that the Yankees have asked, but if I had a wish list for things to do before spring training starts it would be something like this: 1. Buy out the remaining year of Jacoby Ellsbury's contract and wish him well. This guy for whatever reason has not played in two years. I don't even remember if he got a plate appearance back in spring training. His time on the Yankees has passed and other players have shown that they can be more dependable and healthy than him. 2. Release Greg Bird. You all remember him don't you? Left-handed hitting first baseman with a decent glove? That's him! But his problem was he got hurt as much as Ellsbury and guys like Luke Voit and Mike Ford showed the Yankees that Bird was no longer an option. In fact he’s not even a consideration. 3. I know I may be in the minority about this but I would love to see the Yankees get rid of Gary Sanchez. The guy has to be one of the most stupidest and laziest ballplayers I've seen on this team since Alfonso Soriano and Robinson Cano left. The guy has not shown one bit of hustle since being called up to New York but a few weeks ago he got it into his head to try and steal second base. He was out of course and immediately after that he had another groin pull. If I had it my way I'd of kicked him in the groin because then at least I would've known I had his attention because hitting him in his head would've done nothing. He's a terrible catcher and I feel more comfortable with Austin Romine behind the plate. 4. Yeah Sabathia is gone and what I most like about this is how he finished his season because he ended it so bad that there is no way he's going to change his mind and come back for one more year and if he still wants to do that the Yankees should tell him to do it in Kansas City. 5. Brett Gardner is another story. He actually had a great year and his homerun output was unbelievable. But it is better to get rid of a player one year too soon than one year too late. That's something that Branch Rickey used to say when he was running the Cardinals and Dodgers and it is still true today. ...Now if you all want to know what a definition of a pipe dream is just read that last entry over again. ...If there is one thing you could say about the Cubs collapse this year is that you can't blame this one on Steve Bartman. Whether you are a fan of theirs or not you have to agree that they fell apart as the end of the season got closer and closer. After they destroyed the Pirates at Wrigley Field they couldn't seem to do anything right. And just like always when players fail to play up to their potential they let the manager go. Joe Maddon did a wonderful job with that team and his reward for leading Chicago to their first championship in over 100 years is his walking papers. Already there are rumors about Maddon going to the Angels. Another article I read had him going to the Padres and if that's true he will fit in perfectly with all the young talent that San Diego has. Wherever he goes I know one thing and that's he deserves much better than Chicago. ...No matter what the Tampa Bay Rays do in the playoffs they have already proven that they're a team to be reckoned with in the foreseeable future. They won 90 games last year and this year they did even better by winning 96. And what's most impressive is that they're doing this on a payroll that is a fraction that the major market teams have like Los Angeles, Boston and the Yankees. They are an impressive young team and they do not quit. As a Yankee fan I always pay attention to them and at the same time I wonder how they would be if they had an owner who spent a little bit more money on bringing in players. ...I don’t give a damn how good a player Ronald Acuna, Jr. is supposed to be. The guy has proven twice recently that he is someone that only wants to make himself look good during his home run trots. Unfortunately two times that he was loafing the ball stayed in the ball park and he ended up looking foolish to everyone but himself. To me, I don’t care what this guy can do. It’s what he doesn’t do that really sticks out. For too many years I watched the lethargic play of Alfonso Soriano and later on Robinson Cano and I see the same thing in Acuna. Acuna’s going to hustle for awhile but then for no reason at all he is going to do the same thing all over again. ...There are many problems and issues that cities in the United States must deal with every day such as traffic, housing, pollution and crime just name a few. But for Berkeley, California all these things have taken a backseat to more important matters as they are banning some commonly used words in favor of more gender-neutral alternatives. From now on there are no manhole covers on the streets of Berkeley. They're still there but they will now be called "maintenance holes." Gone are the words sorority and fraternity. They've now been replaced with the term "Collegiate Greek system residence." This should now give every frat boy a built-in reason to sleep over at his favorite sorority since they're all the same now. If you have a brother or sister you cannot refer to them as that anymore. From now on they are your sibling. Isn't it refreshing to see a city tackle the real problems of the day? Drugs and crime will always be around to deal with but taking care of those manhole covers could not wait another day. ...Last month Sarah Palin's husband Todd filed for divorce from her after thirty-one years of marriage citing an “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.” In other words he had enough. Coincidentally the filing was made on his fifty-fifth birthday because he probably figured he wanted a birthday present this year that he can really enjoy. He deserves the medal of freedom for staying with her for that long. Don't feel bad for Sarah though because now she is free to go on the lecture circuit with her daughter. While Bristol talks about abstinence while conveniently the neglecting to mention that she had two pregnancies and was never married once, Sarah can talk about the sanctity of marriage. It's funny when you think about it than eleven years ago she almost would've held the second highest office in the country had John McCain won in 2008. Now she's battling to try and keep the big screen TV and dining room set. ...Recently a couple that was vacationing in New Orleans saw a McDonalds and decided to stop inside to get something to eat because they figured they knew what they were facing there and not what was in the chicken gumbo. When they picked up their order and walked back to their table the guy noticed that his fries were cold and he went back to complain to the staff about it. Apparently grumbling about your fries doesn’t go over so well down there because the employee yelled at the man to get out and when he didn’t do it fast enough he pushed him and put his hands around his neck and punched him in the head. The guy stood there and let it happen because he knew a lawsuit when he saw it and not all the Big Mac sandwiches in the world was going to get McDonalds out of this one. Speaking of Big Macs, that’s what he ordered but he got a fish sandwich instead. I don’t know what he did for the rest of his vacation in New Orleans but I do know that he was able to turn cold fries into cold cash. ...Last week motorists driving through a Detroit suburb along Interstate 75 were stunned to see a pornographic video playing on an electronic billboard. Police from Auburn Hills said the video played on the billboard for about thirty minutes before the images were removed. As you can imagine many people called 911. Some to complain and others to ask if they knew the name of movie. A tour bus driver bringing back a group of senior citizens after a day trip pulled over to the side of the road claiming that he was “lost.” The men didn’t seem to mind but the women were a bit put off. Many people thought the billboard was advertising for a strip club and were angry that an address was never posted. What happened was that two men broke into a small building and loaded porn on a laptop that’s connected to the billboard. The amazing part about all of this was that for the length of time the video was being played there were no accidents of any kind reported. You’d at least think one car would get rear-ended but the drivers were really safe. The rear-ending only happened in the video.
  7. Martonian, while you did ask a legitimate question you posted it in the wrong thread. I made this thread for people who have had problems installing Gordo's rosters. It has nothing to do with cyberfaces. You should have made a new thread.
  8. Yes there is! You can use a uniform set made for Mvp 2004 into Mvp 2005 but unfortunately you can not do the opposite.
  9. That right there is a thing of beauty!! And as I said many times before, I am very happy you are taking your time with this.
  10. Hideo Nomo Hideo Nomo started playing baseball with his father at age 5 and by the time he was 12 his dream was to become a professional ballplayer. In the fifth grade he invented his corkscrew “tornado” windup to impress his father, and to fool batters. “By twisting my body and by using this force, I was able to throw harder. And at the same time, with that motion, it would be difficult for batters to pick up the ball,” he explained. Many years later Nomo earned a spot on Team Japan, which won a silver medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. The next year he received offers from a record eight teams in the 1989 Nippon Professional Baseball draft. Nomo signed with the Osaka-based Kintetsu Buffaloes and received a bonus of 100 million yen (roughly $1 million US) and a guarantee that the team would not try to change his pitching form. After the 1990 season, the Japanese all-stars battled the visiting major-league all-stars, winning four games in the best-of-seven series. Nomo’s performance caught the eye of several Americans, including Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson. The Big Unit approached Nomo at a private dinner in Japan and told him, “You belong in MLB.” With Johnson’s praise, and the strong influence of Kintetsu teammate Masato Yoshii, Nomo could not shake the thought of going to America to compete in the majors. After the 1994 season Nomo met baseball agent Don Nomura, who had translated the Japanese Uniform Players Contract searching for loopholes to recruit players to the United States. With the help of California-based agent Arn Tellem, they found one – the voluntary-retirement clause. It stated that if a player retired and returned to NPB, he was bound to his former team. However, there was no provision for players who retired and went to another country to play. This was Nomo’s out. After the ’94 season, he declared his retirement from NPB at age 26. After interviewing with several major-league teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and Seattle Mariners, Nomo found a personal connection with Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley and signed with the team in February 1995. In his major-league debut, Nomo pitched five scoreless innings, allowing one hit. He left the 0-0 game after the fifth inning and did not get a decision. (The Dodgers lost to the Giants 4-3 in 15 innings.) Among the 200 members of the media present, most were from Japan. Only 16,099 fans paid to see the game at Candlestick Park (just 28 percent of the 58,000 capacity). However, millions in Japan watched the game live on television, where the first pitch was thrown at 5:33 A.M. At the end of the season Nomo was named NL Rookie of Year after notching a 13-6 record and a 2.54 ERA, and leading the league with 236 strikeouts in 191⅓ innings. “I think I had a great year with the Dodgers, and I'm satisfied,” he said. “My next goal is to pitch for the Dodgers in the World Series.” Unbeknownst to him and those around him though, his career began its downward spiral in 1997. The critical moment occurred on July 26 when the Phillies’ Scott Rolen knocked Nomo out of a game with a line drive off his pitching arm. Rolen’s shot was the only hit Nomo allowed in 3⅔ innings. The Dodgers won the game, 4-1, but the smash changed everything for Nomo. He quickly returned to pitching, but by the end of the season his elbow required surgery to remove bone chips and calcium deposits. In hindsight, the career-altering impact of Rolen’s line drive off suggests parallels to the beanball that leveled Boston Red Sox slugger Tony Conigliaro in 1967. Both athletes eventually returned to the field and displayed flashes of their former brilliance, but neither was ever truly the same player again. The 1998 season marked the beginning of the end of “Nomomania” in Los Angeles. With a 2-7 record and 5.05 ERA, the 29-year-old right-hander was removed from the Dodgers’ 40-man roster after complaining when he learned that his name had been included in trade talks with Seattle for Randy Johnson. Both the Yankees and Mets expressed an interest in Nomo, but the Mets appealed to him most because of familiar faces in the clubhouse. Among them were rookie pitcher Masato Yoshii, one of Nomo’s best friends from Japan; his former Dodgers catcher, Mike Piazza; and Dave Wallace, his former Dodgers pitching coach, now a senior adviser for New York. On June 4 the Dodgers traded Nomo with Brad Clontz to the Mets for Greg McMichael and Dave Mlicki. He spent two more years in Los Angeles before signing with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the 2005 season. An elbow injury in 2006 forced Nomo to go to Venezuela and the American minor leagues for rehabilitation. He tried to make a major league comeback in 2008 but was released by the Kansas City Royals after appearing in just three games as a relief pitcher.
  11. Bobby Richardson Bobby Richardson played second base for the New York Yankees from 1955 to 1966, a key contributor during one of the Yankees' most successful stretches in their legendary history. Richardson was by all accounts a slick, rangy glove man and a steady stick man. He won the Gold Glove Award five times, he batted over .300 in two different seasons, and he was selected to the American League All-Star team eight times. And when the October spotlight was turned on, Richardson excelled. His lifetime regular season statistics include a .266 batting average, a .299 on-base percentage, and a .335 slugging percentage. In World Series play, however, he batted .305 with a .331 OBP and .405 SLG. Richardson played in seven World Series, 36 games in all including a major league record 30 consecutive World Series games, and he holds several remarkable World Series hitting records as well: he is one of only four players to have 11 or more hits in two different World Series, he has the most RBIs in a World Series [12], and the most RBIs in a single World Series game [6]. His total of 40 World Series hits places him at #13 on the list of Most World Series Hits in a Career, as of this writing. Richardson is the only second baseman and the only player from the losing team to win the coveted Sport Magazine World Series MVP award. Bobby Richardson was inarguably one of the best second sackers in his day, and a convincing case could be made that he is the greatest all-time Yankee second baseman after Hall of Famer Tony Lazzeri. Richardson's most productive year was 1962. He led the American League and recorded personal career best performances with 754 total plate appearances, 692 official at-bats, and 209 hits. As of this writing, his 692 ABs and 754 TPAs still ranks Bobby among the top five of all time in the American League in those two single-season categories. With a mere 24 strikeouts, Bobby struck out only one time for every 28.8 official at-bats that year. And with opposing pitchers not wanting to walk Bobby in front of Mantle and Maris, Bobby racked up several other personal-best batting performances that year: .302 batting average, 38 doubles (led the team; fourth in the American League), 8 home runs, 59 RBIs, 99 runs scored (led the team), 37 walks, a slugging average of .406 and an on-base percentage of .337. He also led the Yankees and the league with 20 sacrifice bunts. He won his second Gold Glove Award and finished second to Mickey Mantle in the voting for the American League's Most Valuable Player Award. The 1962 World Series against the San Francisco Giants was notable for both franchises. The San Francisco Giants and their fans remember this World Series as the most heart-wrenching of the three Series they lost after moving to the West Coast. The New York Yankees and their fans remember it as the last World Series victory until 1977. Game 7 at Candlestick Park was a genuine nail-biter, a pitching duel between the Giants' Jack Sanford and Yankee ace Ralph Terry, both of whom were able to pitch even though they pitched Game 5 because of the three days of rain that postponed Game 6. The Yankees scored the only run in the game when Bill Skowron crossed the plate as the Giants were completing a 6-4-3 double play on a Tony Kubek ground ball in the fifth inning. The ninth inning has been written about extensively, but here's how Richardson remembers it: Pinch-hitter Matty Alou led off the bottom of the ninth with a drag bunt base hit that I could not get to in time. Felipe Alou attempted to bunt him over but was unsuccessful. He struck out, as did the next batter Chuck Hiller. Then Willie Mays slapped a double down the right field line. Roger Maris made a wonderful play to cut the ball off before it reached the corner. He threw the ball to me at the cutoff position and I got rid of the ball quick and it was on line. When Maris got me the ball, third base coach Whitey Lockman held up Matty Alou at third. But as it turned out my throw took a high bounce and Ellie Howard had to reach up for it. Who knows? Had Alou been trying to score, he might have been able to slide under the tag. With the tying and winning runs on third and second base, Ralph Houk visited the mound to check with Terry, the same Ralph Terry who gave up Bill Mazeroski's home run in Pittsburgh two years earlier. Terry and Houk decided to pitch to Willie McCovey--even though he tripled in his previous at-bat and homered off Terry in Game Two--rather than pitch to the on-deck batter Orlando Cepeda whom Terry already struck out twice in the game. McCovey hit a long foul ball down the right field line on the first pitch. On the second pitch, he hit a line shot right at Richardson that Bobby caught shoulder high and the Yankees won the Series. "People often suggest that I was out of position on that play," recalls Bobby. "But McCovey hit two hard ground balls to me earlier in the Series, so I played where I thought he would hit the ball." Richardson finished his career with 1,412 regular season games and a .266 lifetime batting average. He led the league three times in at-bats (1962-1964). Although Richardson did not draw many walks, he was a splendid batter at the top of the Yankee order. He was tough to strike out (only 243 in 5,780 career plate appearances), tough to double up (only 100 times in his career), and a great bunter--he had 98 sacrifice bunts in his career, good enough to finish in the AL's top ten in that category seven times, and twice (1962 and 1964) he led the league.
  12. This mod is not done yet and he is still making adjustments as he sees fit.
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