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  1. When he's done. Please don't rush Jed.
  2. No, you can't include Hory in this. He made the 1994 mod all by himself and he spent eighteen months working on it. He did an outstanding job. The '08 mod and the Mvp '12 and 13 mod were collaborations from many people. And while I am at it the 2014 and 2015 mods were lead by Kyleb too. These mods were created because of a group of modders working together. Considering how bad 2k9 turned out to be a Mvp 2009 would have blown it away.
  3. Simple. Lack of interest in doing the work to make a mod for those years. If you scroll through the forums you will find that there were plans for a '09 mod. I volunteered to find photos for that mod and I got around six hundred of them for it. It turns out I wasted my time because the interest slowly died. When you do not have someone like Kraw or Kyleb leading the way people drop out quickly. That is what happened during those three years.
  4. Nice to see you man. Your datafiles were very good and I have a set of them that I use and yours are one of them.
  5. Damn, that's got to be a very well-hidden glitch in that game. I've never seen that before and I don't understand why two runners were able to score on a balk.
  6. And if I had as much money as Bryce Harper I could travel the world in style.
  7. Yeah, good question. Maybe if you buy it again send the seller a e-mail telling him to be sure that you get the PC version. And remember two things if you buy 2k10. First 2k12 has more mods to download and secondly mods for 2k10 are not being made anymore.
  8. I would complain to Amazon directly because they can help you get your money back and then when you get your refund go and leave a terrible review for the seller and detail what he did to you.
  9. You are talking about the datafile that was used here. I am sure you can use it in other seasons.
  10. Nice post my friend but honestly you did not have to explain yourself because the guys following this thread know how difficult this job is and it only takes one person to disrupt things. Keep on doing what you are doing and it will all work out.
  11. You know something? When you are right you are right. I mean you've been complaining about this for awhile now and damn there's no roster. I think that KC guy is watching too many shows on Netflix where instead he should be working on this roster for you and you alone! My apologies! I'll tell you what. You are going to take a time out from here because the contributions you make in here add up to nothing so that means we won't even know you are gone. Again, my apologies that a mod that is being worked on for free by a person who has a life and a job and all the responsibilities that go with it. I am sorry that he is not working faster on this for you.
  12. There is always a copy of 2k12 on Amazon or eBay. I see them a lot. If there isn't one now then check back weekly.
  13. I am not going to say that you are an idiot because if you don’t mind I will reserve that comment for myself because I have pulled a lot of mistakes over the years that after looking back on them I say to myself I should have known better. It sounds like something did not compress right after it was imported because that has happened to me. Before I add a uniform in my game I back up the models.big and uniforms.big EACH time. That’s saved me a lot. What to do now? That I don’t know since you don’t know where the problem originated. Luckily there are experts in here that may be able to answer this. All I can add is to back up each time and every time you make a change.
  14. Mvp '05 has a hard time on Windows 10 and I have heard that it can be difficult on version 8.
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