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  1. I am trying to sim one of the new rosters to 2021 in franchise mode , I have copied the roster before starting the sim ,after simulating to 2021 I have tried to paste the original roster back in but it crashes at the draft . Is what I am trying todo even doable ?
  2. I finally found my disk so I was able to go through that schedule file and correct the mistake I made this file has been tested and works . This is just the schedule , you open with excel then copy . Using reditor open the roster you want to use , open the actual schedule tab and paste 2021excelschedule.xlsx
  3. I have been using this spread sheet for a few years to make up each years schedule , hope it helps . You will have to check the abbreviations in the formulas or you can change the to your liken. It already has the 2021 schedule in it but it has not been check as I am searching for my dam disk SCHEDULEMAKER.xlsx
  4. Thank-you for this info KC ,I was just trying to figure out what ID's not to use , saves me a lot of bagging my head on the desk
  5. Yep I found that the duplicated abbreviation are a problem , I am using the drag and paste from milb to excel and then noticed there were lower a class games in that schedule as well, I can do the whole mlb schedule in the time it has taken me just to get through April
  6. Looking at this schedule and it has line 6 a triple a team playing a double a team , line 7 has a single a team playing a triple a team. The sequence in the order cannot start with 0 for minor league schedule it has to start with 1. Just curious , the cvs file comes out of reditor how did you come across this
  7. Ahh right I should have noticed that was a xls sheet , sorry for being a little thick on that . I am going to take a stab at the MILB schedule to see if I can help.
  8. What reditor are you using , I have looked at many schedules over the last few season a nd I have not found the time zone column . I thought the game times where based on est military clock
  9. I'm interested to know if you have been able to get the game to open to 2020 or are you going to have to wait till you finish adjusting all the schedules. I have tries just changing the year on all the schedule tabs and it will open the game but no schedule shows up
  10. According to seat geek the 8/2 NYY/BOS game time is 1200 est
  11. /www.vividseats.com Try this website I noticed they have start times for some of the games you are looking for
  12. Jay/Tigers June 12-14 start times are 1:10 pm est as per tickets purchased for that series. I have a lot of admiration for you for taken on this project . The exact times and the sequence numbers drove me crazy!!
    this is an amazing amount of work ,nice job. The A`s and Mariners play 2 regular season games overseas on the 20 th and the 21 st where did you manage to put those in Ahh very good idea!
  13. wow that's great work I had given up hope ,just goes to prove if you give it time almost anything can be done
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