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  1. 59 minutes ago, Umachines said:

    This is the uniforms situation now. I guess that just by adding some few tribute patches, uniforms will be very well updatetd early this year.

    Thanks for your great work!  Speaking of tribute patches, the Phillies announced they will be wearing a Dick Allen patch for this season.  It's a crime he's not in the HoF....at least they finally retired his number 15, which is extremely rare for the Phillies to do.

  2. 724139696_MVPBaseball20053_1_20211_18_41AM.thumb.png.5f935532c4b717c86df466ac6b6e9af1.png1280800513_MVPBaseball20052_28_20219_41_51PM.thumb.png.3741b474f8389d35575d47e86485e2e0.png

    On 2/25/2021 at 5:55 PM, Gordo said:

    Very, very nice.  I could do without the Pete Rose thing though.  Seems like he got into more than just betting.  How about some type of '08 WS tribute instead

     Great recommendation, Gordo- I took your suggestion and changed it to a Phillies Wall of Fame screen.  Plus I added Opening Day 2021 and Radio Station Ads, and fixed the RF Wall (updated Majestic Logo and added the MLB Network sign).  Let me know what you think.


  3. 16 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

    Kjuggs, I want to thank you for this new ball park and I am going to be sure to use it. Can I ask you to do one thing for me? Can you remove those mods and then zip them up so the day and night version are in the same download? Thank you.

    Thanks for the suggestion and for removing the two loose files!  

  4. 4 minutes ago, Gordo said:

    Very, very nice.  I could do without the Pete Rose thing though.  Seems like he got into more than just betting.  How about some type of '08 WS tribute instead

    I think I saw that the Pete Rose spot was actually an ad for Draftkings, but I like your suggestion even better.  Maybe a team Wall of Fame mural with such Phillies legends as Juan Samuel, Von Hayes, John Kruk, and Darren Daulton!

  5. Citizen's Bank Ballpark (Phillies) Update for 2021 (I think it's been 9 or 10 years since this park has seen any changes in MVP).


    -Realistic Philadelphia-area advertisements (Replaced all but 3 of the grey ads along the side of the jumbotron)

    -Replaced Blurry Phils Logos as needed

    -New Bryce Harper Scoreboard up top

    -Changed Harry the K's to Bull's BBQ (Greg Luzinski's joint)

    -Placed Pete Rose HOF on the OF Wall Scoreboard for the Hell of it


    Just place files into data\stadium folder




  6. I actually saw a Phils interleague game at Kaufmann Stadium a few years ago, and it is easily my favorite MLB stadium to watch a game (after having visited about 10 stadiums personally). The minimal amount of folks in RF makes it seem very intimate and just a laid-back place during the regular season. Great job!

  7. Yeah... it's not going to die because it's a damn good game... just like MVP2005.

    Just imagine the possibilities of MVP05 if it had a HTML/JS based interface like NHL04.

    That's a big part of the NHL04 cult following and longevity... that easy access to the interface has made some incredible mods possible. Also the great game engine plays big part of course

    You hit the nail right on the head! I love the fact that in NHL04 Trent and the guys set it up to still receive current ESPN scores and news feeds on the main screen. NHL 2004, MVP 05, and Madden 08 modding communities make them still the best. I have The Show and NHL 14 on the PS3, but I just feel more comfortable with the old PC games.

  8. I keep seeing Athletics/Astros everywhere for some reason. Wasn't it those two teams where the Oakland player bunted against the "Ryan Howard" shift while they were up by 7 runs and dude's been hit by a Houston pitcher like 5 times since? LOL....those are some great pictures, PB!

  9. Haha that's the stupid signature that the Galaxy Note 2 apparently automatically inserts at the end. I haven't had the enthusiasm or motivation to figure out how to remove it yet.

  10. I've got Tapatalk for both Ipad and Android- I can't remember if it's a free app or not, though, since my phone's in the other room. I'll be sure to check it out this morning, though. I do know it allows you to access your favorite discussion forums from the home screen and formats threads pretty nicely. I remember using it for the Operation Sports forums last year.

  11. I'm waiting for the next OOTP to come out. I do absolutely no front office business...it gets too complicated for me. I just like managing and doing pitch by pitch or one pitch mode. My other favorite past time in MVP especially is just setting both teams to CPU and then watching it like a real broadcast. We used gamble on the outcomes while I was deployed to Iraq years ago.

  12. I can't remember which one I owned at the time for PC (HH 2002 or 2003), but I remember really enjoying it, especially the stathead stuff. I was intrigued enough to check amazon and youtube this morning. 3DO ported the console version for 2004 and apparently just called it a day without mouse support. I wonder if that was ever addressed? I've tried playing OoTP baseball, but I need some onfield action lol.

  13. I still place Tony LaRussa 95 and Triple Play 96 Baseball for the Genesis right up there, personally, just below MVP05. I can't believe nobody's hex-edited those games to mod/update them. I'd like to create JD Drew for the Phils and then simulate him refusing to sign.

  14. Last post is by some creepy admin flirting with that other user and this thread is still pinned/main post not edited? Nice first introduction to this community.

    LOL @ that, but seriously, Y4L has ALWAYS been active in helping and/or directing newer members of this site, long before being an admin. It's not flirting, it's making others who enjoy MVP/2K feel welcome. This a great community and has been for years- Enjoy it!

  15. I always wanted to be a catcher, especially when I was a teenager (20+ years ago), but being left-handed essentially killed that dream. I've always ended up playing OF or 2B, with a little bit of P at times. I was never all that good anyway- I always felt like I was more of a Gene Mauch or Earl Weaver- one of those that knew the game a heck of a lot better than they could play. I never understood why it makes a difference at C, but here's a great article for us lefties.


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