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  1. aznxprd


    You know it would have been easier to click the pinned thread for installation instead of making a topic on this.
  2. I'm having this same problem. Maybe a reinstall will help?
  3. Unfortunately, the problem is that the game doesn't work on windows 10 if you actually have a legitimate copy (like i do). And requires a .exe that removes the safedisc option that was NOT included in Windows 10. But yes, until someone else figures out a way to legitimately make MVP baseball work for people that actually bought the game, it probably is best to not support the current solution.
  4. This was definitely the problem for me. You can google solutions to this problem by googling "Secdrv.sys windows 10". I will not post the solutions here as they might violate any rules. If anyone can upload their SECDRV.SYS (not sure if this would work), that would be awesome as well. As of now, I finally got my MVP Baseball working on Windows 10 Pro! Hint: It seems like if the game is working for you on Windows 10, its because your using an illegal copy
  5. i have .net 4.5 framework installed, 64bit processor, along with 64bit windows 10 Pro. I also installed using the installation guide on these forums
  6. do you mind sharing your windows settings or compatibility settings? or what patch you are on? seems to not work on windows 10 pro, with any compatibility settings for me, atleast on mlb2k15 patch #1
  7. have u set any compatibility on ur program and administrator rights?
  8. do you mind sharing any specific settings to get it working? I cant for the life of me get it to start. I tried checking the box to force a 640x400 resolution and i see a black screen then immediate exit, if i dont check the box, nothing even pops up.
  9. hmm thats odd, did you reinstall it after upgrading?
  10. how did you get it to start up? i seem to not be able to get it to start... do you mind sharing your settings with us?
  11. same here, mvp baseball doesnt seem to start. darn.
  12. Anyone try it yet? Upgrading right now, so excited and scared my favorite game isnt going to work on it. Wanted to see if anyone tried it yet, ill update you guys once i get Windows 10 installed.
  13. Hello, I had an upcoming player (Trea Turner) in my owner mode, I was making him slowly move up through the minor leagues. But during an offseason I have seemed to forget to re-sign him, and have lost him somewhere in free agency (cant find him in free agency anymore since the season started). Is there a fast way to search which team has signed him so I can make a trade back for him? I have grown invested into my little prospect and would do anything for him back!
  14. ​Same, ive searched for a solution around the forums but there doesnt seem to be one, ill patiently wait for a solution til then!
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