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  1. Gleyber Torres- Yankees is a native SS. Currently he is 1st position 2nd base, 2nd position none. So 2nd position could be set to SS. IMO the body selection of Aaron Judge - Yankees could be better fitting, by giving him the same bodytype as Giancarlo Stanton (chest type, athletic etc.). Judge is hughe but not so bulky and thicklegged as it is now. Gary Sanchez - Yankees otoh could have the body type Judge has now, because he is rather bulky and thicklegged etc. in real. Ingame he seems rather too athletic. Cheers
  2. Trevor Gott - Giants Yacabonis - Orioles MacCarthy - Royals have an around 50ish mph secondary pitch, which is obviously a typo. Bumgarner - Giants could use a bit more velocity with his fastball. Ingame he has mid to high 80ies, should be low to mid 90ies. Tanaka - Yankees has a similar pitching style like Ishii. Cheers
  3. Hi, just a correction. Torres should rather hit like Larry Walker, not like Renteria. My mistake. Cheers
  4. Question moved to forum
    This roster is awesome. 5 Stars! Thank you very much for the efford, especially the improved/corrected pitching motions etc., which I always changed myself in previous versions. Now so far all are spot on.
    Very good job. Thank you for that. I noticed though, the home and away games of the Yankees are inverted.
  5. K cool does anybody know how to avoid the size not matching Problem with the asf importer/exporter? or how to make a new Sound the same size like the old ones, expressed in Bytes?
  6. BTW @daflyboys sorry for not answering to your request about the pitchers with odd pitching trajectories etc. for your roster mod. wasn't in town for a while. cheers
  7. Hello, i'm trying to do similar stuff. replacing the 7th inning Stretch Music and also trying to add/replace some homerun sounds with the real ones, like with the Yankee horn etc. also want to Change some Rally sounds. that's why i think i'll add it to this thread instead of making a new one since the knowhow is the same. thanks for the link Y4L. in the readme is explained how to implement it. but when i try, then there always appears that the size does not match. obvioulsy i have to alter the new Sound to match the exact size like the new one? not sure. if so, then how to do it? with those hexfigures in the ASF-importer? can somebody with Little more knowledge please help? thanks a lot.
  8. Hello everybody, i think i've played now enough games to see what i like and do not like with MVP13. First of all, the Stadiums etc. are awesome. What i noticed here and there on some Stadiums is that the Players sometimes can go partially through walls, and sometimes they can't reach corners although they should. So obviously here and there some measurement glitches. No Problem since that happens only once in a while. I think some thinks i noticed is not fixable because it's the game itself, not the patch. For instance the catcher. What in real usually is the most demanding and toughest position, here it is completely under the Radar. There are no smooth Hands, no chemistry between pitchers and catchers, no different defensive blocking skills etc. Only important Thing with catchers in this game is his arm and accuracy. So actually you might place Ichiro behind the dish and he'll do good. That would be cool if that could be fixed sometime, but as i said, probably not possible since coded. The other Thing is the scoring. Sometimes the game is giving Errors which are actually no Errors, like flyballs bouncing off the wall and over the outfielders head etc. at least it should be a single and an error, but not just an error and the hit taken away. also it happens sometimes when a fielder fumbles the ball in air but still gets control of it making a flyout, he gets an error. what is definitely fixable and what i don't like because not realistic are some pitchbehaviours. a cutter is a cutter because it flies like a cutter, not like a screwball. it's ok for fourseamers to have somewhat movements. that's the difference between Outs and homeruns, but some have really uber behaviour, flying like sliders etc. also there are many pitchers with wristbands etc. it's not only unrealistic, but it's also not allowed for the pitcher to have any of those items besides his mitt. otherwise a really cool patch which is definitely better than MVP12. just some hints for what might be improved at some time. cheers creaghorn
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