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  1. I know how to work on sounds etc., but not how to implement it into mvp. Basically the same as in my other thread regarding Yankee sounds.
  2. Fantastic idea. Even if only replacing Krukow, it would be great. Regarding commentators I miss those Triple Play times, where they always had something to tell, hardly one heard something twice, lot's of trivia etc.
  3. Haha, just learned today that god bless america by Kate Smith is banned in Yankee Stadium since couple days due to some racist controversy. So guess I'm a bit late with the request for the 7th inning stretch song. So the HR bell and strikeout whistle should do.
  4. Very kind of you, thank you very much. If it's possible to make it only for the Yankees, it would be great. if not, I would like to put them in anyway, even if it would appear in all stadiums.
  5. Gleyber Torres- Yankees is a native SS. Currently he is 1st position 2nd base, 2nd position none. So 2nd position could be set to SS. IMO the body selection of Aaron Judge - Yankees could be better fitting, by giving him the same bodytype as Giancarlo Stanton (chest type, athletic etc.). Judge is hughe but not so bulky and thicklegged as it is now. Gary Sanchez - Yankees otoh could have the body type Judge has now, because he is rather bulky and thicklegged etc. in real. Ingame he seems rather too athletic. Cheers
  6. You helped me already once with implementing the modern FOX sports music. Seems you are the guy to go here . BTW. aren't there sometimes different HR sounds on different stadiums? Horn in San Francisco etc.?
  7. Trevor Gott - Giants Yacabonis - Orioles MacCarthy - Royals have an around 50ish mph secondary pitch, which is obviously a typo. Bumgarner - Giants could use a bit more velocity with his fastball. Ingame he has mid to high 80ies, should be low to mid 90ies. Tanaka - Yankees has a similar pitching style like Ishii. Cheers
  8. I'm fine with that. After all there are at least 81 homegames to hear it.
  9. I guess it should be possible, but I don't know how to do it. Even if so, the necessary tools don't work on win7, so my question: I usually play with the Yankees. Would it be possible to replace/add their homerun sound (this big ben thing), their strikeout sound and the 7th inning stretch (god bless america)? Would it be possible to only have it play at yankee stadium? I could provide the sounds in .wav or whatever but to add/implement/convert it I would need a good soul with XP and the knowledge to help me out. Cheers
  10. Hi, just a correction. Torres should rather hit like Larry Walker, not like Renteria. My mistake. Cheers
  11. Thanks for your replies. I also doubt it has something to do with the schedule or minor league schedule, otherwise more people would report having issues. I'll investigate what the reason might be. Faulty cyberfaces causing simulated games to freeze is new to me, but who knows. I have clean 2005 installed including patch, tested it, installed mvp 2015, tested it, then added your newest roster and collected various cyberfaces from the site, and tested them. All worked fine. The freezing occured in the first yankee series vs. LAA when i tried to simulate a whole season. Sometimes, after trying again several times, those minor league games on those days went through, but mostly not. when managing those minor league games, it worked well. I'll check all cyberfaces of the yankee minor league team, the opponents minor league teams on that day, and just to make sure, also all from LAA, since those are the teams involved. Since on those days it does not occure always but mostly, if there is someone faulty in the roster, it obviously must be an everyday player of the minor league opponents, who has a day off on those try outs when it works. But that's just a guess. Would be frustrating to finish a good game, then having the game freeze after automatically entering the days schedule, without having the option to leave the screen to save it, until all minor league teams have played. Thanks a lot cheers
  12. Hi, Im using the latest 2019 schedule. Thank you very much for making it, very well done. All seems to be fine, but simulating games makes it occasionally freeze, at least with minorleague games. I have searched for older threads with this issue. Found some couple years old, but unfortunately without solution. Not sure what's causing this. does anybody know by now and how to fix it? Playing with original CD of course.
  13. Question moved to forum
    This roster is awesome. 5 Stars! Thank you very much for the efford, especially the improved/corrected pitching motions etc., which I always changed myself in previous versions. Now so far all are spot on.
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