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  1. someone has a list of the numbers of portraits??
  3. I have a problem with the editor, not open the portraits
  4. where can i download NBA MOD TOOL 0198?
  5. im not trying to be rude or anything . i really like your work bro!! and if that program to do cyberfaces would run on my puter, i wouldnt had been telling you to do cyberfaces.
  6. do sean rodriguez, jd martinez and wilson betemit. i think you only should do faces that arent in the game. thats my understanding!!
  7. hey bro, can you do lucas duda, justin turner and sean rodriguez and reid brignac?
  8. hey bro, its awesome can you please do lucas duda and justin turner faces?
  9. sindce you are gonna do ruben tejada what about lucas duda and justin turner?
  10. i think detroitstyle has been very lazy lol
  11. so many guys had been wanting this face even me hehehe :)
  12. you got me waiting for the rest of the rays lol btw these faces are great :)
  13. bro, dont worry about it!!! that face looks like him!!
  14. hey bro, i hope you havent forgotten about sean rodiguez,elliot johnson, jose lobaton and reid brignac, the ones you have done are great thanks ( ops, i didnt get to read what you said below the post) sorry!!
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