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  1. How come some cyber faces are wrong like Jeff Kepinger on the Sox is black? Did i do something wrong
  2. how current are the rosters? i noticed Kevin Youkilis is on boston still
  3. thanks for the help but that sounds even harder for me, ill just try and search for a bigger meter mod or something
  4. Is there a way to change the pitching to an easy mode with no meter or old school like the old sega games like world series baseball that will let you move the ball after you throw it? dont make fun of me im a casual gamer that meter is hard
  5. reeshmd23

    Mvp12 Issue

    FYI the same thing happened to me but it was because i didn't unzip the file first i executed it from inside winrar
  6. This guy will kick your avatars azz if your lying
  7. How about some teaser pics of the mod if you can
  8. imagine if you could sell this game for like $20 or something, or even better port it to android it would make a killing
  9. sad thing i was up at work at that time you guys do amazing work why dont you make video games for a living?
  10. How close is this mod to being done? im really excited!
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