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  1. Ok doing what I said worked on gamecube. I don't have ps2 or I would try. Texture mods work on psp was wondering if ps2 files are similar. When I get free time I want to update psp uniforms.
  2. if anyone can feedback pitching or batting stance that causes issues i can globally edit them
  3. Have you tried deleting the database.big file from ps2 iso then drag over all the dat files from a pc roster and re-write iso? PS2 files open in the MVPedit editor once decompressed by big editor Can you also provide models.big file?
  4. Hmmm something similar happened to me against minnesota but I don't remember the pitcher. It just happened to me with oliver perez of the Indians. It's the pitching stance must be one on pc not on psp. You can fix it in game just go to edit player and change pitch stance.
  5. Can you provide the ps2 database.big file? Might be similar file format.
  6. Yes he deserves all the credit hence the reason I was trying to get him some donations for the work. Also he recently fixed the age issue so I'll put out an updated roster soon. Worked great on classic roster conversion also.
  7. Nope I'm getting nothing from this just trying to get him some donations for the time he spent on it.
  8. I recently got hooked up with the famous twiggins from MVP Mods. He was able to figure out a way to convert updated rosters to psp. Roster works on emulators and real hardware. I also figured out some ways to texture mod I will share. Usually I work on madden roster updates that I provide for free. My ask for these is to please donate to the guy that made this possible and I'll share some updated rosters. Thanks To send a donation, you can paypal me at tywiggins@hotmail.com or send an amazon gift card to tywiggins@hotmail.com
  9. Well guess dates don't matter so far I have a legend on these forums helping me with the roster and I'm able to convert pc uniforms textures to psp. Textures work on real hardware not just emulator! Awesome forum!!
  10. Anyone have or know about a psp file converter????????? One is mentioned in these threads even a dead link to it???????
  11. Is there a way to delete whole teams in dat files? I believe the issue might be that psp only has mlb teams
  12. I was able to do the same with madden using pc editor for psp and vita https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/madden-nfl-last-gen-rosters/972209-2020-updates-madden-nfl-13-ps-vita-pstv.html https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/madden-nfl-last-gen-rosters/975450-madden-12-psp-roster-update-2020-2021-a.html
  13. I have the PC version just trying to make a mobile version for PSP and Vita. I am able to mod textures on psp now also. But its worthless without roster. heres the mbe file from pc and psp. it just seems so close?? mbe.zip
  14. Still trying to figure this out for an updated psp game. Attached is files form PC and PSP they look so similar in hex editor why wont mvp edit open? It does open them fine till i need to open a mbe file. files.zip
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