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  1. Your processor is just fine, but only 2 GB memory is more than likely not enough. The computer I play MVP on has 3.5 GB usable memory dual channel and the game uses about 35% of it. Try closing a lot of tasks or disable Virus program to see if you can cut down on resources. You might be able to get it to play fine if you kill enough tasks. Worth a try...
  2. In my workout / game room I have my first homebuilt computer with Win 98 Second Edition, and it even plays this game. I just have one 9600 Geforce GT in it and it runs smoothly.
  3. Try to make sure you do as much as you can as admin. Win 10 is in protect mode and most of the time won't let you change settings or install things correctly without doing it as admin.
  4. I played MVP most of the day, and when I quit the game and went back to the desk top a window was there saying it automatically went to compatibility mode. It let me check a box that said always do this for this program. It is still working fine, I just make sure I run game as admin and it runs fine
  5. I see it, jumped the gun! It still might be the same for compatibility though! Might also have to close a few tasks from the background too. How many cores and GHZ is your processor?
  6. Do you have Win 10? When I played my first game, windows told me it automatically ran MVP in compatibility mode. Make sure you run as Admin and compatibility modes. My first game was the opposite. It was extremely fast, so I had to tweak the FPS.
  7. I just run the game like normal as admin I just use auto-detect in the Nvidia control panel. It is a pretty normal setting though, so I don't think it makes a difference.
  8. I have it set with HDMI, 60 refresh rate, 1600 X 1024, 32 bit. I just had to extremely slow down my graphics cards. Hope this helps.
  9. Windows 10 is still playing my franchise fine, but I had to greatly reduce my FPS. It was at 320 FPS when I first fired up the game. Couldn't even see the baseballs being pitched. When I first started MVP 15 it was scrolling so fast, and even the baseballs were spinning like crazy on the menu screen. I had to put it back down to 60FPS and it looks great with no glitches yet. I have all three of my Geforce cards burning, so I like what I see so far from 10. It even plays fine in Stereoscopic 3D on my 84 inch Samsung which is awesome looking!
  10. I use a Saitek P990 Rumble, and I had to manually set up my buttons for what I want. My problem was the buttons were jumbled and didn't make sense. You can't just set it to classic, just go into controller screen for game and make changes manually and assign them where you want. My Saitek and Cyborg work fine since then.
  11. There is a slider for computer/ user contact and even one for foul ball frequency. Move those over and you should be fine.
  12. I just finished doing the free install and played my first game of MVP 15. It works fine as of right now. I do have high end video cards in SLI though. Don't know if that makes a difference or not since resources are used differently.
  13. It takes a long time for the matches, but it looks and plays pretty good. I just have 3 cards in SLI, so I can't wait to see the graphics on my day off tomorrow.
  14. Thanks, I forgot about virtual mode!
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