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  1. Noob To Mods

    Hello there, I'm super new to this so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I've downloaded a set of updated roster from Gordo. I want to import them into MVPEDIT but it is not working. Here is what ive done so far with notes. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks in advance 1) Downloaded 2017 MLB Preseason Rost Vers 4 from user Gordo. its a .rar file 2) Using 7Zip, extracted the .rar file(Afetwords left with multiple .dat files inside the folder, the icon for the symbol is a NORTON STUDIO icon, does that matter, did I do something wrong 3) Downloaded MVPEDIT 4) In MVP Edit clicked IMPORT, went into the 2017 MLB PRESEASON ROST VER 4 folder to import .dat files, however .dat files not there. kind of lost after this, if anyone could be of any help please I'm looking for any advice! Thanks, sorry for being a noobie!
  2. New and Need Help

    Hello all! somewhat new to the site, ive ben enjoying mvp baseball 2005 on Xbox and PS2 for years, its my all time favorite baseball game.. After seeing all that can be done with the PC version im thinking of abandoong the console versions to play it on PC. So i have a couple questions about getting started as im not a PC gamer at all, if anyone can be of any help please let me know, thanks in advance! joe 1) getting started , best option to hook it up a PC on a good flatscreen to get it going, what kind of controller can i use....etc 2). downloads and patches, how would i go about applying roster updates, stadium updates etc... 3) Does the PC need certain Windows OS to run game, is there online play, are the graphics better then console?
  3. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    So if I have a soft modded Xbox and try copying a save file from an Xbox memory card to the HD it won't work? I don't believe that, I don't see any reason why an Xbox memory card shouldn't work on a soft modded Xbox. @jollydodgercan I send you a memory card to get the 2017 rosters ? I'll pay for shipping both ways. Joe
  4. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    In curious about everything TA42 was asking about. I have a couple questions as well. So if it's a basic roster file it will not work on a modded Xbox? My version of Windows doesn't seem to work with my Xbox AR Max but I can always just FTP the file over though, correct? Also, stadium updates , players with real pics, are these possible for the Xbox version ? Any help would be great man! I'm new to MVMODS and I'm extreme fan of MVP 2005 for Xbox . I've been gettin PS2 Rosters past couple years , while these are ok, the game is still better on xbox