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    thank you my friend very good job perfect faces, blessing
  1. thank you my friends the same for you happy new year, excelent wil myers face, blessing
  2. Thank you so much for all works my friend it is perfect, merry christmas and happy new year
  3. excellent face of turner my friend look amazing, blessing
  4. Perfect face of oscar hernandez my friend, blessing
  5. very nice face my friend good pitcher, blessing
  6. please not more managers that is not important is loser time, the players they are most important here
  7. very good face of lynn my friend, blessing
  8. Please dont become crazy to jed whit managers, it is better players like manager if you want managers make it you self.
  9. Amazing face my friend excelent job it is perfect thank you
  10. amazing face my friend very good job thank you so much for all blessing
  11. wowwww wonderful face my friend amazing details it is perfect thank you so much blessing
  12. excelent face of foster my friend, please could you make randy arozarena blessing
  13. wow amazing smith my friend very good face, will be good make the face of kyle lewis, bobby dalbec, arozarena, marmolejos and k'bryan hayes just to have it present my friend. blessing
  14. wowwwww amazing face of voit my friend very real texture, i cant download of that file?? or not yet
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