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  1. great job my friend it is perfect, thank you so much my friend
  2. Waooo it is amazing my friend, thanks you so much to make the face a player of my team Rays, really look excellent.
  3. excellent face my friend look very real, i try to make trey mancini and max kepler but when i export of blender to game the face change not is the same quality why it is that??
  4. it is perfect my brother, very real yordan alvarez of the highest quality like always all your faces my friend, very thanks bro
  5. Waoooooo excellent my friend, very good job it is perfect. greetings and blessings my brother
  6. excellent cyberface brother thank you very much for all that work, greetings and blessings
  7. wonderful work my friend it is perfect, very real soto, please could you make Yordan Alvarez, thanks for all my friend.
  8. very nice my friend look amazing that face is perfect, just i like a little more dark the skin my friend.
  9. waoooo look it amazing my brother, perfect cyberface, how many face do you think to make for the gift of christmas my friend?, greetings and blessings.
  10. perfect cyberface my friends like always, look very real rendon, the hair, beard and eyebrows where you make them so perfect brother??
  11. wao excellent work with the face of Aquino 5 star, here I pass the names of other players that are shining and do not have their faces my brother: Yordan Alvarez Max Kepler Trey Mancini Victor Robles Lourdes Gurriel Jr Cavan Biggio Bo Bichette Francisco Mejia
    i see the pictures very small
    it is perfect my friend i give you five star, a doubt, I did what you explain to put yellow hair but I still get black because it will be?
  12. Waoooo jed it look very real that face is perfect my friend, can you make too max kepler and trey mancini thanks brother
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