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  1. very good job my friend like always so real that face, i have problems with making my eyes always remain or very open or very closed I do not know how to make them stay so perfect as well as the texture of the face, brother do you use cloning in the blender? I saw that way but I don't understand it much.
  2. Excellent face my friend well thinked
  3. excellent work my friend good update of nelson cruz, thank you, who is the next??
  4. waooo amazing my friend very good face and good player bichette, thanks you brother.
  5. Hi this roster have the base of portrait and face id of headtrip's roster?????
  6. Wanderful face my friend, McNeil is a good player, will be good to have present to the nexts faces nick senzel, lourdes gourriel jr, cavan biggio and bo bichette.
  7. Enryke86

    Face Luis Arraez

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my better cyberface that i have created, enjoy it
  8. Amazing Job my friend look awesome meadows thanks brother
  9. wao good start my friend very real, thanks bro
  10. Enryke86

    Face Max Kepler

    Version 1.0.0


    Cyberface of Max Kepler
  11. very good suggestion my friend, jed would also be good to consider after meadows the face of Kevin Kiermaier because he deserves a good face since he recently won his 3rd gold glove
  12. Enryke86

    Trey Mancini

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first cyberface i know that it has some flaws but i hope to continue improving, I accept any recommendation from all of you, I hope you like it and enjoy it.
  13. great job my friend it is perfect, thank you so much my friend
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