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  1. My friends do not go crazy anymore to jed with the faces of those players that are already made, the real faces that are needed are those of the following players: Austin Meadows Max Kepler Fernando Tatis Jr Lourdes Gurriel Jr Vladimir Guerrero Jr Austin Riley Nick Senzel Hi-Man Choi Franmil Reyes David Bote Colin Moran Albert Almora Jr Frankie Montas Mike Soroka
  2. much better my friend, now it is the same lowe, excellent work my brother as always, thank you very much for everything
  3. thank you very much for making one of my players my friend, here I send you a picture of his face I do not know if it is better than what you have, to see if you can improve a little more, greetings and blessings my brother
  4. Jed nice ciberface, it is perfect my friend, will be good to make an update of rugner odor because he have one uggly, thanks brother
  5. very good job Jed it is perfect, pete alonso is a good prospect, could you make Brandon Lowe my friend he is having very good season. Thanks
  6. waooooo jed thats ciberfaces are perfect and so real, very good job my friend like always, you are the best making faces. could you to make brandon lowe, hi-man choi, yandy diaz and tommy pham. thanks my friend.
  7. Behindshadows that same problem happens to me with several players in each team at least 1 or 2 do that, I do not know what that error is, I've already done everything thinking that it was the roster that player manages to me but when I see it done in another player, if anyone knows what that error is and give us the solution I would appreciate it, greetings to all.
  8. very good bostonico, good job, could you make the face of joey wendle, brandon lowe, max kepler, vladimir guerrero jr and lurdes gurriel jr thanks my friends
  9. jed my brother, why when I change some team players for the roster editor to update my roster in player edition I get a good face but at the time of playing it does not come out its face I get the face of a doll by default, for example in the case of manny machado and bryce harper when i passed them to his new teams, has that happened to you? How can I solve this problem my friend? regards
  10. hello jed I found these images without laughing of trey mancini, max kepler and joey wendle tell me if they serve you well to make them the cyberface my brother, greetings.
  11. wanderful work my friend five star, jed will be good when you can to make the face of Trey Mancini and Max Kepler, regards my friend
  12. perfect now look very good the 19, one question my friend, how i can to put the announcements of yours stadium in my stadium I want to put them to mine my friend, regards.
  13. Bostonico my friend good job, do you can incluid the face of joey wendle, max kepler and others players regulars that still dont have a ciberface. Thanks bro.
  14. Execelent face of yuli jed, perfect in all aspect thanks bro, what is the next??
  15. Waooo jed the face of yuli is perfect i like it, nice work like always my friend
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