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    i cant run this program its missing a file
  1. there is an update from windows 7 thats is not allowing me to run the game. not sure which update thats is does anyone know. i saw on this site before but i cant find it. i hope some one can help me plssssss
  2. Is it still possible to use the unlockable players with the 2015 mod
  3. I am using the blue Jays play in Rogers center while I build my new Park. All my prospects are regressing I am playing the blue Jays in Rogers center, just finished season 1 all my pitching. Prospects are regressing. Example arron Sanchez wins the Cy young with 20 -4 record 5-0 in spring with an 0.80 he regressed 2 points off his fast ball, in total he lost lost 6 points. Off his attributes.so any suggestions anyone has will be greatly appericiated
  4. Srry I am just new here I wasn't sure where to post, the game sometimes freezes, the executable crashes sometimes while playing, most recently the baserunners are seem to freeze on a pick off
  5. I am having some performance and game crashing issues, is there an update or is it possible to remove the mod
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