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  1. Yeah would be great if we could edit player skin tones through the game, its a hassle going to roster editor since so many of the skin tones are wrong. Great work though, appreciate it .
  2. Thank you very much, good work. Was wondering yesterday why the last CF pack for Pirates is from 2015, glad someone made it !
  3. Looks good. Can you do Francisco Lindor ? One of the best shortstops in baseball and doesn't have a cyberface... (that i know of)
  4. Is it possible ? If so what tools do i need and how to do it ? I looked through roster editor and reditor but didnt find it.
  5. as i said here is how file with the ending "5570" to titlepage_bootup.iff (find the 001E4B80 inside that iff and click import and import the dds you downloaded, save afterwards), 001E4B80 to titlepage.iff , 00324C40.dds to titlepage.iff. So basically open titlepage_bootup.iff with texture editor, find the file named 001E4B80 inside that iff, click import and select the dds you downloaded, same goes for 2 other files.
  6. http://www.mvpmods.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=7339 2k16 team logos and jake arietta startup screen. (you will have to import dds files into the iff files yourself though) here is how you do it file with the ending "5570" to titlepage_bootup.iff, 001E4B80 to titlepage.iff (find the 001E4B80 inside that iff and click import and import the dds you downloaded, save afterwards), 00324C40.dds to titlepage.iff.
  7. Works fine now, thank you ! Best enb settings for my taste from all of them that i found on this site !
  8. Works fine in game but when looking at players through "edit player menu" players are blurry and barely visible, any ideas how to fix ? (same for when selecting uniforms before the game, uniforms are blurry)
  9. Do you recall what sweetfx you used when taking these screenshots ?
  10. Can you give me a link to this? I'm blind and cant find it in overlay downloads.
  11. Most seem to take up almost all of the top screen or are somewhere between the edge on the top left on the screen and top middle.
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