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  1. @GordoOddly I've Had No Issues With MVP Baseball 2004 Whatsoever It's Probably Your System Specs If Not It's Definitely The OS Itself
  2. @VeesmackWhat I Find Fascinating Is Why They Didn't Port Over Matt Williams's Batting Stance From MVP Baseball 2003 Into MVP Baseball 2005 It Could've Been Useable For Anyone Who Wants To Recreate Matt Williams
    Loved The 93 Mike Piazza Cyberface Now If I Can Get His 93 Portrait
  3. Thanks For The Younger Ken Griffey Jr Face Since I'm Intending To Create Ken Griffey Jr For The Total Classics 1988 Conversion
  4. @GordoUh Why Does Mookie Betts Have His Red Sox Cap The One I Downloaded Has Mookie With An Dodgers Cap
  5. @jogar84Which Skin Color Do I Give Bryce Harper In MVPEdit
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