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  1. Hi YankeeforLife Thank You very much ..........JTDOOWOP
  2. Hi YankeeforLife Well - I tried to make the Hi Res Grass and dirt Mod work several times - No luck - grass is worse than before I used it shimmering like crazy. Unless it only modifies stadiums in the original non modded game - I don't know what else to do. It does not seem to work with TC10 - Has anyone else made this thing work ?? .........Thanks ............JTDOOWOP
  3. Hi YankeeforLife Thank You very much for your assistance - I will use the Hi Res Grass and dirt Mod tomorrow as you suggest - and delete the Field Changer as I will not be using it. Thanks Again for all you do to make life a little better for all those enjoying MVP Mods...............JTDOOWOP
  4. Hi YankeeforLife I am also running the following Windows 7 - 64bit 6GB Memory Microsoft Net Framework 4.7.2 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributeable - x64 9.0.21022 PS ........I also tried Gchanger.exe by Twiggins Utilites - both versions 1 & 2 started and hung with a black screen
  5. Hi YankeeforLife 1st - Thanks for responding - and Thank You for all you do for MVP mods Both of these downloads are on Page 6 of Downloads MIsc section I also tries a grass changer called Gchanger.exe - that just hung when I ran it on both versions I am running windows 7 and the games with TC10 works great ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boricuapapi1885's Hi Res Grass And Dirt Mod v2.0 Installer https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/3637-boricuapapi1885s-hi-res-grass-and-dirt-mod-v20-installer/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- About This File This will update the horrible looking dirt and grass ea made. With much better textures in hi res. UPDATE: Fixes Spots and crash issues ANd includes 3 installers. ONe with -40 Contrast which will rerduce the shimmering some people with lower computer specs are having but will lower grass quality, -80 contrast that will severly lower the grass texture but no shimmering will happen if you have a 1995 computer lol. ANd of course THE HI RES version Grass and Dirt Special thanks: ChicagoCubs720 for testing the mod and supplying me with a good dirt file frim hh2004 so that I can make my dirt texture using that file.And to everyone at mvpmods.com. Without you guys this all would not be possible. Thanks for all your support and appreciation for my work. It makes everything worth it. Also a special thanks to serialmike for making the grass texture which I modified to have no shimmering And a Very special thanks to WarriorxLegolas for making the installer. Thanks for all you help and now everyone can enjoy the mod without the hard steps of editing the files ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Field Changer v.1.2 https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/3869-field-changer-v12/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod will update the field graphics for all 30 MLB stadiums in the game. Both the infield dirt and grass have been changed for all stadiums and certain ones have a recolored warning track and on deck circles etc. All modifications that were made should closely resemble the correct colors for that particular stadium. The most important thing about this mod however, is that it is low-res meaning it shouldn't cause memory issues and that it is 90% shimmer free, a huge improvement over the original EA grass. The MVP 07 mod is required for this installation and can be downloaded at MVPMods.com or EAMods.com Before installing remember to backup your entire stadium folder in the MVP data folder. To install run the field_changer.exe and follow the instructions as prompted. All questions and comments should be directed to the Field Changer release thread on MVPMods.com Donations for the efforts put into this mod are very much appreciated and can be sent via Paypal (jtrea81@roadrunner.com) The modders for this project are as follows: Trues - modder for all NL parks The Big O - modder for all AL parks Compmaniac - complier and installer creator Special thanks to raindelay for his original Grass Changer mod (a great idea that has now been expanded upon to be even better), Pirate and hyman for the permission to use parts of their mods and to the beta testers at MVPMods.com. Thanks again guys! Enjoy! History: v.1.2 - Yankee Stadium - Removed dirt from coaches' boxes and on deck circles Jacobs Field - Touched up patterns for day and night versions Dodger Stadium - Fixed missing texture in day version v.1.1 - Fixed issue with dirt in AT&T Park Various color adjustments made to the following stadiums: Yankee Stadium (day & nite) U.S. Cellular Field (day & nite) McAfee Col./Cisco Field (day only) Petco Park (day & nite) v.1.0 - Initial release ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Again for taking the time to help me ............JTDOOWOP
  6. Hi I found a few field changer that will eliminate the shimmering on grass - but they don't say they work with TC10 - - they say you have to have mvp2006 or 2007 installed What does that mean ?? I just want to eliminate the shimmering on the grass - No other mods used except TC10 & Legends of the booth.... Please help - tell me what I can or can't do. Thanks ..........JTDOOWOP PS...........At 74 I am amazed I have everything running .....and now the ugly EA Grass
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