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  1. Well I appreciate you going through so much work to help me out despite us not coming to a solution. Ill still work on getting a dual boot going, or possible playing it through a virtual machine.
  2. @Gordo I tried running mvp 15 in compatibility and admin mode, and this time the entire bar filled up before crashing. It loaded much further than it ever has before.
  3. I am running Windows 10, as I got the fix mentioned in that forum thread to work. I would try it on a windows 7 machine, but I do not have access to one, nor can I dual boot since my c: drive doesn't have much space, and my f: drive is set to dynamic.
  4. I applied those methods, and mvp 12 is still not loading games for me. I have tried multiple teams resulting in the same thing of closing out. I just don't understand how the classics are working, but the total conversions aren't. Seems strange to me. The two classic ones I tried were Walk through history, and Negro league, if that helps you determine my issue.
  5. Same problem as before. Loads halfway and quits. Edit: I would also like to say thanks for being patient and helping me with all this. I appreciate it greatly.
  6. Just to clarify, any of the Total Classic mods I have installed work just fine, but every total conversion I have tried post year 2005 fails to load.
  7. I am going through your steps, and in the first one, every time I download and use any of the patches, it makes my game play ridiculously fast. Sound is the same, but the animations are like 10x as fast. Edit: I tried the total conversion for mvp 15, without the patch, and got the same issue that I have been having, where it just crashes after loading halfway
  8. Yeah I managed to get to that point. I put in a screen shot of what I see, what do i need to do next to get the roster to work?
  9. Sorry I have been a bit all over the place. My current stage is I have MVPedit open with the current roster, but I am unsure what to do from here to get my game to start working. According to the post Gordo linked me to I need to change the cyberface numbers to something between 901-915. I have no clue what this means, other than I need to get the rosters open on MVPedit, and change something?
  10. I can't get the file prjMCP.exe to open after installing mvpedit. I get an error stating "Component 'mscomctl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid". Edit: I found your post here, and after extracting these files into the mvpedit folder, it still is not working giving me the same error. Double Edit: I ran it in compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 3 and it opened.
  11. I can play the game just fine vanilla, and it is a physical copy of the game that I had received on Ebay. I can load up the game just fine, look through the rosters, and see that the roster is current to real life. The players have no faces on the roster screen, it is just a silhouette. Whenever I try to play a game, either quick play or dynasty mode, it loads about half the bar and the freezes and crashes. I'm currently trying to load Gordo's "2017 BaseUp! End of Season Rosters - Phase 2." The files in his mod are the only ones that i have attempted installing, and I followed his instructions of deleting the .dat files rather than overwriting. If I am doing something wrong, help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Where do you get a copy of this game?

    Only copy I saw for PC was going at near $100 on amazon. Where did you get your copy for an affordable price?