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  1. Bro 1998 mods team face when is release bro??^^

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    2. Hanny


      and also i send message again and again you have no reply also you still block me so i wont share any my mods to you anymore

    3. Hanny


      so just forget it


    4. Hanny


      it ok i forgieve you i share you password

  2. dhtjd829

    Boston Redsox 1998

    Thank you for answer. When will the 1998 mode see another team cyber pace? I'm waiting too much. ^^
  3. dhtjd829

    Boston Redsox 1998

    Thank you for your reply. I know it's rude, but I'm running too much of your 1998 mode cyber pace ^^ Can not you just upload your completed team cyber pace? ^^ I'm waiting for your day so much. Thank you for always. If you were feeling bad, you should understand it ^ ^
  4. Hello I am a Korean user who enjoys mlb2k12 due to your 1998 mode cyber pace. It is not different. 1998 mode I am sending a message because I wonder when another team update will happen. I wait every day. Thank you all the time ^ ^

  5. dhtjd829

    Boston Redsox 1998

    thank you. Can I upload other files? I am waiting. Especially the Texas Rangers Chicago White Sox Baltimore Orioles San Francisco Giants and so on.