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  1. This sounds great, I would love to help, but I have very limited knowledge of modding. I can work MVP edit and Big gui. Perhaps work on rosters? I'm a retired guy with lots of time, but I need someone to coach me a little what to do. I don't know if you have time for that. Please let me know
  2. Just curious is there any interest in any more city connect uni's? (ex Colorado, Houston, Mlwaukee, KC?) Also wondering about interest in creating a Vintage PCL Total classic? Over the years I've seen some old PCL uniforms(Rainers, Oaks, Hollywood Stars and San Diego Padres) I'm primitive on inner workings of game, but would love to help with research of Rosters, Lineups, I have some knowledgeof MVPedit and Biguy.
  3. A Belated thank you!
  4. I unfortunately broke NCAA attempting to add a "Maine" uniform. I was trying to download another version of NCAA, and unable to do so. Is it no longer available to download?

  5. Hi Ballfour-

    Any interest in making Boston BEEs uniform 1936, I can substitute for 1939 or 1941? Thanks for your consideration and all you do for this group.


  6. Has anyone been inspired to do a stadium of "Field of Dreams " replica? In honor of upcoming game between Yanks and Pale hose.
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