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  1. Glad to hear the roster is still working
  2. Yeah that's what I'm using as well.
  3. I did message him but he doesn't have the list for the IDs yet. I don't know how far along it is but obviously I'd love to contribute to the project. Make sure the folders are set up portrait>2x>file.dds. Be sure all files have 4 numerical digits and not more or less characters. Run TIT2K10 as administrator. Could be the reason.
  4. Check your local game-recycle stores or game-trade stores. I copped a MVP for $5, they price all old sports titles for nothing. Could get lucky.
  5. In my opinion the one's you added here are a little more-than-needed. Can go without it.
  6. Great work on the player movement man. However, there are a lot of retired or free agent minor leaguers with high OVR that ruin the 25-man roster. I know you didn't work with the ratings but I'd consider removing all those guys even as MLB only roster. Cheers.
  7. I love the look of the logo, but maybe replace where the current full-logo is added, not the 2K-only logo as it will stretch/shrink dimensions. I agree with kccity, a little too much branding. Lookin great otherwise.
  8. @Bostonnico Thank you brother! And yeah, I realized it would be much easier to just wait. Going to take this down and release a bunch when his comes out. Appreciate the ideas.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hey y'all Posting up some 2020 updated ESPN Portraits for 2K12, but before you install please take time to read everything. While every portrait from the MLB 26-Man Rosters (https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-depth-charts) are included, they are not Portrait ID'd, but rather sorted by last name. This is to avoid any misalignment and ID confusion between rosters. Simply rename the files to your corresponding portrait IDs and the rest is ready to go. Included in the download is a folder containing all properly formatted and exported .DDS. Also included is another folder placed to create a portrait .zip file to be able install the pack. A video is included down below to help with any confusion. - W2K
    Thank you so much for doing these , great job.
  10. I don't think you can use your own roster on top of this. The idea is to take the original files of MLB 2K12 nothing additional, plug in this roster, and it will update it to 2020. Schedule, Player Movement, Ratings Etc. If you wanted league realignment within your own personal roster you'd have to find a way to build it into that file. @Kccitystar congrats on the schedule. What's left for now, MiLB roster and generic player heads/body updates?
  11. Appreciate all the hard work @Kccitystar, this is gonna go a long way for 2K. Excited for the beta.
  12. Look under the "Players" main-tab, and search up your player by name. There should be a sub-tab to the right that says "Stats". Click on it, and it will show you the stat ID (581-MLB). Now, under the "Player_Stats" main-tab, search up your player by the ID. To the right all the career stats will be organized as "Batting", "Pitching", "General".
  13. WOW, never got a chance to reach this thread great in-depth cover of Reditor. Alot to learn. Absolutely. Happy this project has gotten in this deep. Looking forward to being one to test and help.
  14. Great layout of the plan behind the roster. I agree, I don't think since 2015 we have had one single link/download that would bring the base 2K12 experience up to 2K20. This two month delay also gives us more time than usual to work on things before they all shift. Just had a few questions on my end in regards to the help Do you have a Google Sheets or Online Excel where you're keeping track of all these generic player heads? From my understanding, any player who entered the league post the end of 2012 and not given a cyberface by 2K will be given a generic-match face instead. Not the 0000 white bald one, but a corresponding 9--- one. This may take quite some time but if we have the database of the IDs and resemblance's I would love to add more and assign what we have. Curious how this changed portrait IDs as well if at all and if I could begin work on those. Not sure what's meant here by ambition exactly, but I read the previous conversation had here about high OVRs in the minors and how it affects player movement in Franchise. I won't touch the OVRs as my rating reference are MLB only and I don't wanna fuck it up, but I can help with player movement, appearance, and etc in the MiLB I can also help with more accurately defining sizes, as well as attributing new pitching/ batting animations in game. I would just need the reference .ROS you're already working on to expedite the process of searching through the current player's old teams. Also interested how y'all handled the IDs for rookies and new call-ups and stuff like that. But with an accurate body, animation, and 9000s cyberface, the experience should really liven up to 2020. Let me know if you need assistance with any other items, and feel free to message me where I can specifically contribute. Love the work.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Created a MLB 2K20 titlepage real quick, enjoy.
  16. Hey y'all. Know i'm late to the party but was off the game for a while caught up with college stuff. I'm sure there's more help needed for this roster to come together, so if y'all need anything let me know. Amazing work with what's done so far I'm really excited to have a new base-conversion type roster to play off . I know there's issues with the schedule right now I wish I could help on that end but I can't so much, but if you need portraits, front-end, animation/accessory updates for sure let me know.
    Great work dude. Much needed.
  17. TheWolfof2K


    Use GIMP, Photoshop, or Paint.NET has it too. You may need to download additional plug-ins for it to work. I use GIMP as its all free and pretty feature packed.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING** Hey guys, Uploading the 2019 Portrait Pack that goes with my 2019 Roster. It is a work in progress, as with the roster, and is the same as the one included in that upload. Putting up a separate file for those not interested in the roster. The updated list of teams is below. Using 2019 ESPN Images for ALL 25 Roster Members. Enjoy!: Updated: LAA OAK HOU TOR ATL STL CHC MIL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Thats a problem on your end with the roster editor. All changes I made had to be done in game, otherwise theres a bug. Its due to the large size of created players as the modes only support the base 2012 guys. Id suggest making those chaned in game and not in an editor. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with exams and such. Ill be working on new updates very soon. Hey sorry for the late response. Honestly I wouldnt know how to handle that error, if you create the player in game rather then the editor it may work? I know everytime i make any moves with an editor it crashes, was like that with the base roster I used to create this one. Wish i could help more.
  20. Correct. The base roster had updated for the minors but I personally didn't touch any.
  21. I used all current MLB.com depth charts. I believe its because hes injured he was removed. Some may auto assign at franchise start. Appreciate the comments!
  22. I'm not editing stats for the current year. Its a very minor detail. Im focusing on major changes first.
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