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  1. Thanks tinpan! If I find them somewhere I'll let you know. Can't wait to get the classic mods going on MVP! I've watched YouTube videos on it salivating!
  2. Thanks. Yes I have MVP 2005 too and later today will attempt to get the classic old-time mods to work over top of it. Once I get that going I'll probably not care about Oldtime Baseball anymore but I've owned it since it came out decades ago and loved it. Been sitting in a closet for a decade and got it working again yesterday in DosBox. Just want to snag the Keren utilities for it if somebody had them for nostalgia sakes before they become even more unobtainum then they apparently already are!
  3. This is a shot in the dark but does anyone here have the infamous Nick Keren mods for Old time baseball on the PC? Based on my research he did an update that had all the teams from 1982-1997 roughly. He used to sell the mod and had his own website but it's all vanished now. Willing to pay for it, if anyone still has these old files. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Going to set some time aside soon and get this thing going!!
  5. As someone who just got 05 online thanks for the help! 2012 plus roster updates? Are those easy to patch in? Outside of the face mismatches you alude to?
  6. So you can load other pages besides the first one in this thread? I'm trying on an iPhone and 2 different laptops and only page one loads. After that is just says "loading" and hangs. Not having any luck getting anywhere with this game, lol! Thanks guys! I actually gave up and went a different route. Happened to have a 5 year old laptop laying around with windows 8 on it and BOOM it worked straight away on that one. So I guess that will now become my old school gaming laptop. Now to get Classic patch to work....
  7. Can't get it to open, fresh install just got the game. I see there is a long thread on it here, however only the first page of that thread loads! So I can't see what (if any) fix there ever was. Anyone have a synopsis of how to get it going in windows 10? Thanks!
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