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  1. Scott BIlly I totally understand that from the modders. That makes complete sense. Oh and the website thing was not to control or gain any power. Just a nice little site dedicated to the modding, that is designed a little bit more in depth to show off modding progress. I wouldnt hold the modding hostage, the mods would be uploaded here or anywhere else just like always. Maybe it would be like an extension. Agreed though, its tough to do because of decreased interest. Which makes me sad. I actually am trying to figure how to mod some things as well. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I am a big fan, and my friends , cousins, still enjoy this game very much. We love the PC version and even with it's flaws we have come accustom to it. The great thing about this game is it really doesnt die out at all. It's like those nintendo games you can pop in still to this day and play it like its current. So this is what I am offering to do. For those great modders that have always worked on it... Im going to one, create a website dedicated to the modding , that has updates donations, just a nice site people can visit that is dedicated to this game and its modding. 2nd I will donate 50$ to 100$ in total for modders. I will also have donations on the site as low as 50 cents and up to 50$ I am encouraging the modders to come aboard this train... Also maybe the modders can create some sort of cool extra stuff for donaters that give in a certain amount. Like an extra stadium pack or something that can only be downloaded from people that have contributed. I want to keep this alive because its still great game If any modders are still here, please contact me. What does everybody think?
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