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  1. alright. cool. you can make the mod.
  2. So clearly i'm one person. There's not 5 other people typing with me right now lol. but VGS "Network" essentially is a "Network". A network would happen to use the pronoun "We". Now if you would not like to be apart of the project that's fine, you're sacredly modded* work will not be used. For everyone else that would like to help create MLB 2K17 like we stated above; we want to make this happen and would love any help from the community and yes obviously before we release* anybody elses files they would be contacted appropiately.
  3. we is us lol -vgsnetwork this is just an update pack tho. So we got all the cyberface updates from here and your stadiums of course. but everything else we've created. just trying to give us all a solid 2k17 to play before seasons over.
  4. I might be able to help out. I'm new to the forums here but I'd love to work on some projects. Check out some of my work @ VGS Network on youtube. LMK
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