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    Top notch work, much appreciated!
    Some of the most critical mods in here to make the game seriously playable. Yankee4Life your the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Here broseph, link for MSB2000 priced from $5.00 to $34.99. Pretty much the same thing I just bought a copy on here just because. Get it while its hot, and while you can! https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00001LDC6/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all
  2. Damn $31.94?!?! Glad I kept my copy all these years. For it's time the the game was good, but I ended up playing All Star Baseball 2001 a lot more. But, MSB2001 was superb at simulating franchise mode and was pretty deep in that respect. It didn't require a graphics card but was recommended. On my XP machine it runs with the games 3D software since it won't recognize my shit Radeon HD5450 card. $31.94 da fuq?!? I just might sell mine for $100, or wait to sell it on the antique road show for who knows how much in a few years (j/k).
  3. Yeah I am looking for the anti-robo movement mod too. I think it was the Keiriks Realism tune or SF GIANTS tune that used to reside on simcentral.net. Or I could be wrong? I put a request for that on operation sports so hopefully we get something back.
  4. Dude, it's legit. Props to Greenhell the guy that did the roster up. The faces on the players are top notch as well.
  5. Hey just in the extremely off chance anyone even gives a rats ass about the aforementioned relic, today for strictly nostalgic reasons I popped in my MSB2001 disc and installed this oldie but goodie on my XP machine. Soon after, just for the hell of it, I did an invasion of privacy (Google) search for rosters and found this in the ether of the internet by way of FilePlanet.com I tried out the roster and it is Jake Peavy legit. 2004roster.zip
  6. Hey there I had the same problem on my Win10 PC so I downloaded virtualbox and created a virtual Win XP OS. I got it to run in the virtual OS but it had a few stuttering issues etc. So I then resorted a couple days ago to reformatting one of my old Win 7 PC's to a Win XP OS. Work absolutely perfect (obviously) to say the least on the XP machine now. If you don't have an old machine to reformat at the least the virtualbox option will let you enjoy a few nostalgic moments.
  7. Good looking out boomhauertjs, I just grabbed those 2018 rosters.
  8. Tis TRUES!!! Hey man much appreciated I just downloaded a few overlays and the markers. Much better than the default markers fo' sho'! Do you recall a mod that smoothed out the jerky fielding animations?
  9. Nice, yeah I am about to download those to start with. Thanks Yankee4Life. I'm still pissed about that '98 WS though
  10. Man you guys are awesome, quick responses much appreciated. Thought I would get crickets for posting this. HH2004 is such a good game heavily modded, straight out of the box not so much. Think I will keep trying the wayback archives and see if I can get a lucky link on a lucky day.
  11. Hello all, I recently got High Heat Baseball 2004 up and running on my Win10 PC and well,....was quite disappointed of the lack of mods on here. I recall back in the days simcentral.net had a TON of great mods for this game and I was wondering if anyone on here still has any of those mod files on hand.
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