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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sqkadlg2lgaUmGMZ4erb5xWowvDjvJupjBIb9X7QELE/edit?usp=sharing That is the kccitystar list there are global id and cf id for the future roter You just Drop the files in the mlb 2k12 folder
  2. That program only run in windows 7x32, if you run in other version that eror will come out
  3. no te estoy entendiendo, el 3dm se utiliza para exportar las texturas para editarlas en el photoshop, y ya luego editadas importarlas y salvar el modelo .iff. si pudieses explicarme un poco mejor
  4. Si trabajas con los modelos .cff no entiendo por que las modificaciones no se hacen notar. si trabajas con .n2km sese modelo q exportas de blender tienes q cargarlo dentro de 3dm para q la modificacion tenga efecto
  5. Version 1.0.0


    New Cyberfaces all with Kccitystar CF ID A.J. Minter RP Atlanta Braves 2041 Adam Frazier 2B Pittsburg Pirates 1065 Amed Rosario SS Cleveland Indians 2544 Gavin Lux SS Los Angeles Dodgers 1803 Jose Iglesias SS Los Angeles Angels 1485 Nate Lowe 1B Texas Ranger 1786 Ryan Jeffers C Minnesota Twins 1519 Hope You Like
  6. I'm sorry after a while in the reditor I understood that what is needed is that the game recognizes the player's name or surname, and the game takes care of assigning the audio. thanks, great tutorial.
  7. hello friend I have a question I understood all the part of cloning the audio id, but how do you make the narrators take that audio id, in your case with kingery? how do you assign that audio id to kingery?, I have searched all over the reditor and I can't find anything.
  8. Just Another Same Custum CF ID Jerry Blevins 2812 Hunter Strickland 2812
  9. I Found Another Same Custum CF ID J.T. Realmuto 65 Aaron Judge 65
  10. I found this: Players with the same Global ID Oliver Perez 1749 Roberto Perez 1749 Gio Gonzalez 6829 Merandy Gonzalez 6829 Missing Player: Blake Parker Cleveland Indians Ryan Thompson Tampa Bay Rays
  11. how can i update the awards tab using the reditor?
  12. about that, there are a few players that actually are retired, yonder alonso for example, I think you could remove them, unless they stay on the roster as a free agent, so you can open new slots for new players or missing players.
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