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  1. recently i wanted to make some cyberfaces of players, both to learn, as well as to support the mvpmods community, i'm using the programs: 3DM Tool, Blender 2.49b; with the two pluggins to import and export N2KM files, i also use the pyton 2.6.2, and the photoshop CS6. I looked in youtube for a tutorial of how to do them (the tutorial was of nba 2k14, maybe don't be the same steps), where they explained me the programs that were used and how, now, when I import in N2KM file to blender and use the dds file to edit the nodes, the image is very small and it doesn't complement with the width and height of the nodes. other thing is that when i install the blender it told me that i need to instal the pyton, but i have already installed. I don't know if I am doing something I shouldn't. if anyone can help me please. there is 2 photos of what happen. plese help me.
    Men excelente work, but I need to ask you something, I look for Joe west in the redditor and I can't find him. How can I put the cyberface for him????
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