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    SMB3 Team Transfer Tool

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    On 5/18/2020 at 5:59 PM, xflamexofxhopex said:

    Any chance for the save editor, too?

    EDIT: Like the one from the below link, but for SMB3. 



    Yep, I'm nearly done with it, but I've been incredibly busy over the past few weeks and haven't had the chance to finish it up yet. It is coming though.

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

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    On 11/26/2018 at 9:17 PM, Romanza313 said:

    I can not use this tool. I get an error. Some help would be much appreciated. 


    The error message is attached below


    Sorry, I didn't see this previously. If you go onto Explorer and type %LOCALAPPDATA% in the address bar, then go into Metalhead, then Super Mega Baseball 2, there may be multiple numbered folders in there, each with a savedata.sav file. Since the tool can't automatically know which one to select, it quits rather than risking breaking a save file.

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

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    39 minutes ago, deltaco1023 said:

    Hmm....Well I  deleted the old league and created another league. Then tried out the new tool....I choose option 1 (import team or teampack) and then it lists the teampacks i have, but when I choose one of the teampacks (either one) it says it's an invalid option. Then it takes me back to the first menu. 


    Any ideas?  Image and save below if needed. 

    smbt error 2.png



    File this one under "developer is an idiot". I made a mistake when converting old team packs and my tests didn't pick it up. :( 0.4.3 should work, a couple of people have tested it and told me it does.


    Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll get there eventually.

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

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    1 hour ago, deltaco1023 said:

    I am getting the following error message: See image below ;)


    Can't figure out why....game up to date, latest version of your tool as well. I have also followed the suggestions listed in the tool (I just deleted the my league and created a new one, also edited one player and forced it to save that way as well.) 


    Still no luck. Any help would be appreciated :)


    Oh yeah, I have tried all the of the teampacks listed in the mage below, and all of them cause the same error.



    smg error.png

    Save info below if needed.



    This one's a known issue, Update 4 broke a couple of things - I'm literally about to upload a hopefully fixed version now.

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

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    On 6/25/2018 at 10:33 PM, Karelaf said:

    What are the requirements that the game asks for as I try to install it and I get an error.

    If the error looks something like

    sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: t_baseball_player_colors

    then the problem is that the save data is out of date. Make sure you're on the latest update of the game (Update 3 at time of writing), and then trigger a save by starting a game or changing something in the customisation menus.


    If that isn't the problem, if you can provide the error message either by copy and paste or screenshot, I can advise you much better.

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