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  1. mcoll

    can't install some total conversion mods

    first make sure your downloading both parts of the uniform zip and all five i think it is of the stadium zip. you must all the zips for each part you need before you can do anything. second make sure there all in the same folder. do extract to this folder on part one of each group, that should extract the files. you only need to click the first of each group, as it get the rest from there on its own. you dont extract individuals zips there tied together when there split up like that.
  2. mcoll

    editing color

    im editing the colors using ty editor 1.1 which the current one and moving listing around for organizational reasons, but i need a little bit of information. if i recall you don't want to get rid of uniforms clearly, but you can get rid the created teams, if your not creating teams, i believe you can use the cob slots to create uniforms where need, but can you get rid of them too, or must they be there. any other reminders tips would be welcomed too.
  3. mcoll

    Franchise stop working

    does this last roster submitted aril 20th 2017 still remain the fully function roster or has there been anything since?
  4. mcoll

    MILB Uniforms Released....

    nice job
  5. mcoll

    assitance in information

    there something we issues with that could not get .the same treatment, i figure out what it was. i don't remember it was simply that or something more. right now i don't if it was the save format in with the settings for a format? i which i could find my notes. they my have been lost,
  6. mcoll

    assitance in information

    that what i needed! its coming back to me a lot this. that looks right. and beleve the only thing that doesnt get .dds treatment was the letters and numbers. i think that was bmp or one of the other standard ones. im trying to find my notes on this, but haven't found them yet.
  7. mcoll

    mlb 2k12 roster editor

    it does. that wasn't the problem, and didnt think it was the editor itself per say when wrote the message. what i forgot was that if the roster was done or edited at anytime with reditor (valds program) it makes incompatible ty's roster editor. if remember all this the right way. its been awhile since i've any of this so i have to go back looks at things and am starting to remeber how some of it worked.
  8. mcoll

    mlb 2k12 roster editor

    im working the editor, i believe im using a roster made after the change over from fla to mim, but when i go to import ard colors, its crashing. i know the editor itself is the one which is for mim and roster is the one that comes with the total conversion on windows 10. anyone with any ideas what the crashing is. the crashing as if you wer trying use mim and wants a fla.
  9. mcoll

    assitance in information

    im in need of the save settings for Photoshop dds format and theis there an alternative format to save the uniforms in. second if you using cc version after setting up the files properly is anything different i need to do to have into dds format and what due i need to do? im kind of being forced to shift to cc.
  10. mcoll

    Site Maintenance (updated 5/11/18)

    the downloads are all there. the catch guys you iyou cant be login. you must logout and find it that way.
  11. mcoll

    up load roster

    ivve looking over there. i will keep lokking. thre so many tthreads and a search didnt help
  12. mcoll

    up load roster

    i made a roster and i want put in the vault for 18, but its not clear how you do that. So how you upload the roster?
  13. mcoll

    1982 Postseason Roster

    you miss the point. to have a playoff because of the way the game works in playoff each lueage must have five teams. ten teams total. you have nine.
  14. mcoll

    1982 Postseason Roster

    who you suggest be the 10th team. to play in playoffs there would need to one more team.
  15. mcoll

    NCAA 2K

    onteresting. i started uniforms for something like awhile back. i might still have them. if you what schools you want where if i still have what made, id be glad to shoot you what i can, or try to make them. there not going to exactly as they are in real life, but represent the school nicely. some are uniforms ive schools have in the past.